More Tips on Travel to Morocco

“No need to wait for visa to go to Morocco”

It is good news for the citizens of UK, Canada, US and some other countries of the world. Instead of visa, they will stamp the passport when we enter to Morocco. With that stamp we can be there for ninety days. It is good news is that you do not need to pay any entry fees or something like that. So, if you want to visit Morocco, you do not want to worry or bother about the visa. However, there is something which you have to take into account when you plan your tour to Morocco. Such as,

Current social bad activities in Morocco

As you all know that Morocco is in Africa, there are some issues as same as in other African nations. There are issues with the water and food too. It is very hard to get clean water to drink and good food to eat. So, when you plan your trip to Morocco, you do not forget to select the best hotel in Morocco. If you select a good and quality hotel, then, you do not want to worry about these things, those hotel guys will look into this and they will be the responsible people to give clean water and good food. Even Morocco is a malaria free nation, there are some places where the people are getting more diseases by mosquitoes. So, you do not want to step into those places. Be alert on that. However, if you can get good guides from the hotels where you stay, then no need to worry about it, those people will look into that. Whatever it is there are some bad guides who harsh tourists. So, it is your responsibility to judge about a person and behave with him. Also, it is better to know that there are some popular criminal activities too. Knowing about those criminal activities may help you safe yourselves. Laws of Morocco, has strict penalties for using drugs or buy or sell drugs. There are police officers in civil in those places where these drugs are being in trade and they used to catch the people there, so, be careful.

If you need something to smoke, get help from the hotel guys, they will give only the things which are not restricted there in Morocco. So, you have to put more attentions on selecting a good hotel before you visit there. You can search hotels via internet and do <rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=> online hotel reservation </a>booking and etc. Also, you should avoid the followings too during your visit to Morocco,

Walking alone in the beach, specially in night time
Taking valuable things when you are walking in the streets or beaches there

There are some tourists who had been harsh by some guides. If you can get the emergency police contact number as well as your embassy’s contact number with you, those will be helpful to you on many incidents.

Yes, friends, last but not least, I do not want you all to get afraid, but I just give you some alerts and tips there to visit Morocco. It is a great place to visit. Just check it out.

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