Minnesota Vikings 2013 Draft Picks: Sharrif Floyd, Xavier Rhodes & Cordarrelle Patterson

How will DT Sharrif Floyd, CB Xavier Rhodes & WR Cordarrelle Patterson fit into the Vikings plans? During the eight episode of the Minnesota Vikings Chat (ht…
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17 comments to Minnesota Vikings 2013 Draft Picks: Sharrif Floyd, Xavier Rhodes & Cordarrelle Patterson

  • David Erickson  says:

    Thanks, Chad! This is going to be? an exciting year for the Vikes. 🙂

  • Chad Stevens  says:

    I love your Vikings podcast. I am a die hard Viking fan who now lives in San? Diego. This podcast helps me with information I may have missed being miles away. Thanks

  • Melina K  says:

    my god i am so? in love with your voice<3

  • SoFramonticoBubbly  says:

    SUCH a beautiful voice. I’m in love<3?

  • Glitterngold123  says:

    Im obsessseddddd? with ur voice

  • mike47912  says:

    why the hell aren’t? you famous yet.

  • pipperlue  says:

    so? great

  • superhunk1989  says:

    Beautiful,? beautiful, beautiful.

  • InspireDanceLove  says:


  • iMorganHiggins  says:

    Wonderful? cover!

  • Shauna Wang  says:

    This? is so awesomely raw 🙂

  • nakama27peace  says:


  • Meredith Gillies  says:

    also well done nice cover cheerio etc etc? 🙂

  • Meredith Gillies  says:

    AHHHHHH your tour? is coming to CT I’m SO EXCITED because I never get to see you WOOO

  • Matt Clark  says:

    you sound great? (duh) and I hate to be negative at all but the chords are wrong! and it’s really bothering me

  • hodgkins92  says:

    Ally, you’re the only reason why I check YouTube? on the weekly 🙂 <3

  • JustCallMe Alli  says:

    0 dislikes. Better? stay that way!

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