MIKA – Blame It On The Girls

Music video by MIKA performing Blame It On The Girls. (C) 2009 Casablanca Music, LLC

A visit to Morocco in the 1930s filmed by Andre de la Varre. Transferred from original 35mm nitrate negative. Footage from this subject is available for licensing at www.travelfilmarchive.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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33 comments to MIKA – Blame It On The Girls

  • MrDavid43205  says:

    me tooooooooooo
    i love mika

  • smoreschocolateramen  says:

    This is my favorite song evah! He’s amazing!

  • AcAminolevulinico  says:

    @sunnyblossoms Ok, I didn´t mean that. I really don´t care about his sexual life…that was just a comment. Sorry if it bothers you 🙂

  • sunnyblossoms  says:

    @AcAminolevulinico Unless someone actually says I’m gay or I’m straight or whatever you really should not assume that they are. Its very unfair to say ‘you should be yourself’ or ‘I love him regardless’ but when they come out say ‘well I think that your not that your this.’

  • fashionmcr  says:

    i love this song

  • MissLieksel  says:

    Dearlyy’,, NotUgly!!<3<3<3

  • Lander1967  says:

    è orecchiable ma il vido fa schifo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MidgetmaniaRIP  says:

    Why do people complain about VEVO?
    I, for one, think it’s good (considering I have AdBlock Plus for Firefox) that all my favourite MIKA videos are in 1 easy place.
    Plus, you know it’s an official video.

  • TheEmir0624  says:

    i love every move that MIKA do…love how the camera moving…love the outfit…
    love the song…love the lyrics….Mika dance juz like nature…like he doesnt do any practice…very nature…love it!

  • Cereghini  says:

    Honey, if you’re ugly, the the rest of the world is full of ogres by comparison.

  • Zeymika4  says:

    3:33 xD

  • Bloofan1995  says:

    i personally think that he’s saying in this song, you blame you’re problems on everyone instead of taking responsibliity for yourself

  • MadHatterProduckshin  says:

    How many times have I listened to this? Long enough to remember all the lyrics, and dance? Long enough to burn out my computer’s speakers? No. Long enough to do the dance, sing the song, burn out several pairs of speakers, and make my neighbours learn the lyrics and dance too!

  • obaidCarkey  says:

    a piece of land was worth pennies then, now couple of 1000s per m2!
    always invest in land!

  • Trend1981  says:

    Its amazing how these people are almost frozen in time in this video. Almost every one of them, including the photographer, has passed away long time ago except, maybe, some of the kids who, if still alive, are old and frail now.

  • Trend1981  says:

    Wow, I love morocco but after seeing this, I think I prefer the old Morocco. This is beautiful! Thanks for uploading.

  • paperbacklou  says:

    Love it. And love the responses.

  • nokonoko90  says:

    @laribum1000 Thank you for the clearance the onthers on this page (Videobuster18) gave me somne real stupid awnsers

  • nokonoko90  says:

    @videobuster18 you still don’t understand because you lack the brain-power, my question is based on geography you’re awnsers on you”re inferior mind.

  • videobuster18  says:

    @nokonoko90 it was just colonialism you said that, morocco belongs to morroccans you dumbass

  • nokonoko90  says:

    @videobuster18 As if insults and lack of grammer will justify you’re words.
    Spanish morocco was an area in the north, or are you to dumb to understand colonialism?

  • super7fanboy  says:

    @vvvTTTvvv00 not really most pepole go to places like india switerland grecce italy barbados cuba maldives bahamas mexico jamaica stuff in the usa hawaii newyork mami LA morcco isint one of them…… and thats just how it is all the countrys i listed where like this but now everything is what you would call western

  • vvvTTTvvv00  says:

    @super7fanboy so many western tourists going there every year.

  • super7fanboy  says:

    @vvvTTTvvv00 ummm nobody goes there

  • super7fanboy  says:


  • TheMartinoDJ  says:

    this is Souika Of Rabat beetween 0:00 to 1:40

  • ConfusedSponge  says:

    where’s gary cooper?

  • alitou001  says:

    @jameslanbro that’s what catched my attention too . Great Video.

  • moroccansunshine  says:

    @videobuster18 they still have Subta and the other place 🙁

  • videobuster18  says:


  • vvvTTTvvv00  says:

    my countre moroco used to be soo beautiful you can see here in this vidoe.
    but now it is gotten rotten and soo much flith from the western tourists and france and americans.

  • adel350  says:

    amaizing video ..I think the images are from casablanca .rabat ..sale , marrakech and fes..thanks to andre de la Varre..

  • BigBirdy100  says:

    Amazingly smooth camera craft when walking through the streets at the beginning. That was neat. Thanks for posting. I’ve watched some of your others. Where did you get all these films ?

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