Mesmirising Morocco

If you are looking for a diverse and cultural holiday to get away from the freezing winds of the UK this Spring, then Morocco should be your destination of choice.

This contrastive country has much to offer all tastes, from the sandy dunes of the Sahara desert which quickly becomes the Atlas mountains; capped with a dusting of pure white snow; and rolls onto the green heartland. Touching both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco  has a thrilling pull which is only present where the spheres of Africa and Europe meet. Make sure you have your Travel Insurance for your trip before you Travel. Cheap Insurance can be obtained in the UK quite easily, and will protect you against any unpleasant travel related incidents while away.

Marrakesh is the up and coming capital; the central square peaking at twilight when the rhythmic sound of drums, call to prayer from the minarets and bustle of the street markets will enthral you.

Visit Le Comptoir for funky tunes nestled in a gorgeous setting.  They offer food and drinks, and have a feature sparkly staircase.  If you want to be among the glitz and glamour of the Moroccan up and coming, then this is the place to be.  Pacha Marrakesh is well worth a visit if you value your nightlife; the counterpart of Pacha in London, it offers hectic tunes until late in the night.

Casablanca is a giant metropolitan city, combining a perfect blend of old and new. People in Morocco are less strict about Islam then their neighbouring countries, and for this reason, Casablanca offers a very unique feel.

Fez, the old capital, is one of the great, imperial, Islamic cities.  Its the largest and oldest in the country, and offers a central medina with walled in city.  The minaret is a great example of exquisite architecture, and is most beautiful at night.

Travel to Zagora, and from here trek out a few hours into the Sahara desert.  A gorgeous experience; you can set up your tents and camp under the stars, being able to view the stunningly clear sky.  This is an opportunity not to miss, and if you can do it, do.

Morocco offers 10,000 years of history, giving the discerning traveller a sense of sumptuous luxury, and aesthetic simplicity.  Its vibrancy and diversity make it an unparalleled country that must top your list of places to visit in your lifetime.

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