Mediterranean Morocco and the Perfect Place for Inspiration

Whether you are planning to spend a lavish vacation or a budget trip, Morocco is the perfect travel destination. Considered as the meeting point of three very different places—Africa, Middle East and Europe—Morocco has an amalgam of travel spots that will surely leave an unforgettable mark in every tourist. This is especially true for Mediterranean Morocco, one of the country’s seven regions.

Mediterranean Morocco and its Absolutely Beautiful Beaches

Mediterranean Morocco is a place that holds many lush beaches and unspoiled resorts. What makes the beaches of Mediterranean Morocco so different from all the others are its unharmed and virgin waters. Because Mediterranean Moroco is located on the Mediterranean coastline, there are many resorts that offer not only the best sandy beaches, but also the most unforgettable experiences.

Tourists can readily have such experience in places like Al Hoceima, Tetouan, and many others. If you want a more peaceful beach setting, however, then a visit to the Atlantic Ocean coastline is in order. There are few resorts here along a stretch of equally wonderfully waters.

A visit to the notable towns of Mediterranean Morocco is also a must while in Mediterranean Morocco. Tangier is the most notable, as this is the usual entry point of visitors to the country. This town is famous not only for its rich historical heritage, but also for the many scholars and artists that have graced this place. Some of them are Matisse, Churchill, and Hendrix.

Dar Nour, the Place in Mediterranean Morocco for Inspiration

To get the same inspiration the notable artists have found in Morocco, you should definitely consider staying in Dar Nour. In fact, artists, directors, and writers all go to Dar Nour to get inspired. As the first riad to have opened in Tangier, Dar Nour is a simple Kasbah house consistently acclaimed by critics for its beauty.

In fact, it has been featured in magazines such as Travel Leisure, Gente Viaje, and Elle. Guests have a wide option as regards the room they want to stay in. Rooms like faris, itag, and redouane are perfect for 2 persons. They also have toilet and shower amenities. The interior of these rooms have Morocco embroidery and sophisticated furniture—among many others.

For mid-range spenders, rooms like the Mini Suite Fayza, Mini Suite Mohand and the Mini Suite Salam strike a balance between sophistication and comfort. There are also terraces and living rooms.

The best rooms in Dar Nour are its suites: Suite Jassim, Suite Nour, Suite Duplex Pacaha, and Suite Hafa. These are apartment suites that guarantee absolute privacy and wide space.

These varied options in Dar Nour only make it a much more attractive place to stay in. So what are you waiting for?

Kristopher is a self-confessed lover of traveling. He sincerely believes that a Morocco travel should be mandated by every country’s Constitution.

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