Magic Cities in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries of the East. In the territory of this state until our century you can find huge amount of valuable monuments from the past, ancient mosques, palaces, fortresses.

Morocco has more than 3 million tourists per year. Government undertakes large efforts in order to make their stay pleasant. The city Agadir is a surprising example proving this fact. Being destroyed by earthquake in 1960, city was restored as the tourist center by international standards and a lot of modern Morocco property of high quality.

One of the amazing cities in Morocco is Marrakech which is separated from Europe only by Gibraltar, but after overcoming Gibraltar, you fall into another world of things and feelings. After traveling to medina and to the labyrinths of Marrakech you will have indelible impressions in your memory. The bright carpets overhanging from the roofs of houses, the smell of spices in air and the voices of people in the market Djemaa el-Fna create its unique atmosphere. Marrakech is framed by red desert and time can’t influence on this city. The very name Marrakech conjures up images of an exotic, distant city, of hot desert winds blowing in from the Sahara, of magic carpets and snake charmers and of spices and perfumes brought in by camel trains.

Set within the rose-colored walls of the medina lies a reality that is not that far removed – a labyrinth of winding streets offering you various Marrakech property. The streets open onto lush green gardens and dark alleyways leading to bustling souks.

The focal point is the central square, the Jemaa-el-Fna, an extraordinary gathering place and the social center of the city that at dusk offers a scene little changed since medieval times. And towering over all this is the Koutoubia mosque, the tallest building in the city, and a reminder of the importance of Islam to the lives of the city’s residents.

Mediterranean health resort of Saidia is one of six resorts for rich Europeans, which is under construction by wish of the king of Morocco. Because of the campaign in the development of Saidia property the king hopes to increase quantity of foreign tourists attending the country by 5 times until 2010.

Tetuan is situated in the middle of a belt of orchards that contain orange, almond, pomegranate and cypress trees. The Rif Mountains are nearby, as the city is located in the Martil Valley which help Tetouan property to attract investors all over the world. It is picturesquely situated on the northern slope of a fertile valley down which flows the Martil valley, with the harbor of Tetouan, Martil, at its mouth. Behind rise rugged masses of rock, the southern wall of the Anjera country, once practically closed to Europeans, and across the valley are the hills which form the northern limit of the still more impenetrable Rif.

It doesn’t matter from where you arrived to Morocco, the hospitality of Moroccan population will contribute to wonderful time in Morocco, and experienced local Moroccan guides will help you to understand better the mentality of Moroccans and to enter into contact with this unique and extraordinary country, they will share with you their love for the native land.

Marta Thompson, independent researcher of current situation in Morocco regarding growing interest in property in Morocco.

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