9 comments to Kingdoms of Africa – Bunyoro and Buganda.

  • MsFrancois1  says:

    Am? I hearing the Requiem for a Dream theme song around 42:00?

  • jmarshawn75  says:

    Fuck Europe?

  • prosperityx3  says:

    Wtf do Arabs have to do? with this country?

  • jmarshawn75  says:

    Nubia was older? than egyt I think Nubia is the mother egyt

  • Frank K  says:

    After destroying the kingdoms, how did the surviving kings today? survive? Did the britsh have anything to do with that? And did the kings live as common people in Britan?

  • Frank K  says:

    On another point king Kabalega was right. Keep away foreigners and gain control of your home, let them in and you loose your self.? How the kings managed to survive the wars is a testament, did the British have anything to do with it?

  • Frank K  says:

    See I told you Africans had great kingdoms other than what is known of Egypt. Africa was pure and welcoming to anyone, but greed and ignorance from arab and sub Asian people destroyed centuries of history. I am not mad, I am happy that those ignorant bustards are all dead now? and the world they intended to destroy is still flourishing.

  • adabarong  says:

    Lovely,? he just brought out all the facts . Bravo Mother land

  • murk2020  says:

    @greeny202. Ancient Egyptian history is real african history. I enjoy researching all of African history, Ancient Egypt included. It is extremely important to the African diaspora and we must not let the black legacy of Kemet be stolen. it is very sad to see? how bigots distorted the image of those great people. Its so refreshing to know the truth. But just as frustrating to read that 80% of western euro males are desendents of king tut. fyi, I am not one of those annoying afrocentrist.

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