Kashmir hotels near airport

Kashmir is one of the most visited tourist destinations of India and it is located in the north-western part of the country. It is because of the pleasant climate of the region people come here to enjoy long holidays with their family and loved ones. The climate of the place remains cold for most of the year, which makes it even more popular among the international travellers. Kashmir has developed a lot with time and its initial development can be credited to the growing exports of fruits and kashmiri saffron that is exported all round the world in massive quantities. The economy of Kashmir is dually supported by the Kashmir hotels that accommodate all the travellers coming from different parts of the world.

The growing travel sector in the region of Kashmir is well supported by Kashmir hotels because of the growing demand for good accommodation facilities. Some of the popular sightseeing attractions in the region of Kashmir include the natural attractions like Dal Lake and the Mansarovar Lake, which remain frozen for most of the year. Most of the clubs or high class hotels located here offer outdoor sports facilities like boating in these lakes. Most of the good facility hotels here are located near to places like airports and railways stations offering good staying environment at affordable prices. Travellers who come here for a long vacation prefer to stay in economical or budgeted stay option as it helps them in saving a lot in their budget and offers them a home like environment. Kashmir is popular for quality apples and saffron that are available here.

Apple exports are a regular source of income for the government as the fruit is exported to different destinations within India and even abroad. Saffron is also cultivated on a large scale in Kashmir and is known by the name of India Kashmiri Saffron. Travellers come here on a holiday like to indulge themselves in shopping activities in the market area of the place. Some of the take homes from Kashmir include items like fruit juices, handlooms and wooden handicrafts. As a part of the excursions, avid bikers travel regularly to places nearby like the capital of Sri Nagar and Ladak. The best time to visit the region of Kashmir is between the months of March to October because of the pleasant climatic conditions that covers three of the main seasons of the region that are spring, summers and autumns.

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