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20 comments to hotel vongthong lao

  • MrJeffw223  says:

    This was by far the best hotel I’ve? stayed in while visiting south beach! The staff was amazing. Ronnie is the best!!!!!

  • Colemanbhy  says:

    Fantastic place in SOuth Beach! Loved it and? love the customer service!

  • Angeldfjfl  says:

    I love the spas that were available. I am stressed out from work and kids and I needed those!?

  • Collierbbh  says:

    Chances are I am coming back! Everyone? should experience this joint!

  • GothKidsRule64  says:

    I have been to hundreds of resorts and hotels for business trips? but I really think this tops my list of best places to go. I get excited every time I get the opportunity!

  • Thomassgdf  says:

    I was actually impressed with the activities in the? area. Everyone in my family had something they wanted to do available to them.

  • Chasehygt  says:

    Then shopping here was incredible and I had no shortage of shops! But maybe the shortage? of money!

  • Michelleygi  says:

    I am not going to? lie, there are some very good looking people when I stayed here!

  • Jonathanytfg  says:

    I do four vacations a year with my family? and this in one of my hot spots! The family enjoys themselves everytime!

  • Conanbghj  says:

    Casa Grande is? amazing! Love Miami too!

  • Auntysonfines  says:

    Make it? a good one at this resort!

  • Bentxdx  says:

    Super? cool place!

  • deepakrancas  says:

    I will always look on this site first before I book!?

  • Aldisfgdfdffgxd  says:

    I love these review? videos.

  • Bentonfghfgf  says:

    Sweet? review!

  • Aldisfgdfdffg  says:

    The ladies interviewing are gorgeous!?

  • prerikamanojliu  says:

    I will always? work with this company!

  • Aldisfghggh  says:

    Guest knows best!?

  • Alstonfgh  says:

    Awesome? video!

  • Roniwdzqz  says:

    Casa? Grande Suite is outstanding!

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