Horizons Unlimited-Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide series-Intro

Horizons Unlimited-Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide series-Intro

The Achievable Dream -The Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide See the world on two wheels! Have you been dreaming of a motorcycle trip to distant climes? Heading to the markets of Marrakech, tackling the Karakoram Highway or cruising the Pan American to Tierra del Fuego? But you have questions: Will I be safe? How much will it cost? Where and when should I go? What about the paperwork? How do I handle bad roads? And how can I meet riders in other countries? Grant and Susan Johnson, 11 years Round The World veterans and founders of Horizons Unlimited, the worldwide #1 website for motorcycle adventure travel, bring you The Achievable Dream – the most comprehensive, definitive guide on DVD for planning your motorcycle adventure. Answering these and many more questions are legendary travellers like Peter and Kay Forwood (190+ countries on a Harley), Ted Simon (author Jupiter’s Travels), Gregory Frazier (5 x RTW), Sam Manicom (author Into Africa), Lois Pryce (author Red Tape & White Knuckles), Chris and Erin Ratay (Guinness record holders for RTW travel), Austin Vince (director of Discovery TVs Mondo Enduro). Also, we have interviewed over 100 other inspiring travellers at our live events in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Spain to get their stories, tips and hard-earned knowledge on trips to nearly every country on earth. Be warned, viewing this DVD may be a life-changing experience! Available now at www.HorizonsUnlimited.com/store/dream

23 comments to Horizons Unlimited-Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide series-Intro

  • LuckyGuu  says:

    has anyone read INVESTMENT BIKE by Jim? Rogers

  • carlos villarroel  says:

    donna you are the bestttttt !!!! :0) keep traveling … if one day you want to go to bolivia santa cruz? de la sierra, mi casa es tu casa i can show you around is a lot to see nice video ….

  • Carly Miller  says:

    what an inspiring couple! Thanks for sharing your journey with us – slow travel is an amazing? way to explore the world, and it’s an opportunity open to everyone…as long as we’re willing to face our fears.
    Thanks for providing the tools to allow people to follow their adventure travel dreams.

  • JohnG11000  says:

    One way or tother all comes down to? money, hear’s wishing for six numbers on the lottery, very good video by the way

  • John Tippetts  says:

    Great video great site. I wish that I had checked it out before I went on my road trip. I just got back from a 4,000 mile solo road trip, which was the first real road trip that I had ever taken. I pretty much just jumped on my bike and went. I vlogged the trip if you care to check it out on my channel. I got back 2 weeks ago so I am still in? the process of editing it… I’m on Day 3.

  • satellitetune  says:

    Good job on? your video I liked it very much!

  • Jochen A. Hübener  says:

    A good overall view, thanks a lot. I remember my world-tour by motorcycle in 1995-96 as it was yesterday, always in my mind, you never forget it. On? my YouTube-page you can see 226 old Videos of my trips in the years 1986-1999 or clicking to my website motor-cycle-world-traveller.de

  • IMATAGE  says:

    Hey guys we love your series. Please check out the? documentary we are currelnlty producing on the Bradshaws travels around the world on the KTM dual adventure motorbikes. Mike Bradshaw is 68? and he rides with his son Justin who is 28. Thanks again!

  • BASSisAmust  says:

    The feelings that past my chest looking at this is awsome!
    A bucketload of anticipation. I started with buying my baby a 92 Honda AT with great colour scheme, she realy is a buty:D the trip alone gettin her was fun.
    Now I´m about 3-4 weeks from getting my license..
    Spring is here, the birds are singing, the other birds are puttin on summer outfit and nature is in blom – awsome!!

    Be? safe

  • MotorcycleTravel  says:

    It’s a complicated subject, but here’s the basics: Vehicle insurance is mostly void once you leave your home country (or region where it is valid e.g. Europe, or Canada/USA). So you have to be willing to? be self-insured. Some countries require liability insurance, and usually you get it at the border. LOADS more info on our website. HorizonsUnlimited

  • biglandfarm  says:

    How would? auto insurance work in a situation where u are traveling around the world?

  • claudiafw3  says:

    I meet Frank Butter In foz do Iguaçu last Feb 2010 ! in my first long trip in south America ! your videos inpired me to? realize my dream !

    Thanks to share this video with us !

  • EvannRachel  says:

    Very, Very cool. We are travel video makers, but by foot and car. Only? time I tried two wheels I hit a fence! 😀

  • Lauren Rains  says:

    You two are such an inspiring couple not just for what you’re? doing together, but for your sense of travel and adventure, how you’re inspiring others to do the same, and just your out of the box ideas!
    I LOVE THIS!!!!

  • Charles2337  says:

    Wow… never looked at it that way.?

  • MrGingerwarrior2u  says:

    I met these guys in Chang-Mai Thailand in 2007 after riding? U.K to Thailand then on to Australia.. Dr Gregory Fraziers book riding the world was a great inspiration for me and it was brilliant to meet him there in the flesh..I also sourced so great informaton from the Horizons unlimited website..
    Now I feel unless you have ridden across a country you havent seen it at all..

  • MotorcycleTravel  says:

    How much? I have no idea – but travel on a bike can be cheaper than living at home and doing nothing.
    As for where do the funds come from – same place they do for everything – hard work! We’re anything but rich, no house, no car, one old motorcycle, and everything we made was saved for travel – no ipod/pad, no booze, no cigarettes etc. Anyone can do it – YOU just have to decide where to spend your? money. Go for it, or say on your deathbed, “my iphone was worth more than my dream”

  • mustaphapint  says:

    A? great trailer for the DVD series.

  • sweetypie000  says:

    meeting nice people would make a? change

  • allyearbiker  says:

    i would love to know how much it has cost them to travel the world in 11 years WHERE DO THE FUNDs COME? FROM

  • Thump52  says:

    Living the Dream, one day? at a time. Great video!

  • dainiuszaldokas  says:

    To realize the “Achievable Dream”, Don’t Think About It…Just Do? It.

  • bvk73  says:

    I like Dr Gregory’s? philosophy 4.06 ….

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