Hopping Around South Africa for Family Vacation

South Africa is a vast land where you and your family can spend bonding time and moments. South Africa is a great place for a family vacation.

Acquaint and be with nature’s beauty and gift is what South Africa is renowned for.

South Africa’s best asset is its beautiful and rich surroundings. Be one with nature, Africa is a land bestowed and blessed with magnificent environment. Hop around the national parks like Kruger National Park and Pilanesberg National Park. Take a peak to Africa’s World Heritage Sites. See how rich they are in terms of wide variety of luscious green plants and attracting flowers.

For your kids, bring your family to Hermanus. This is a known place for whale watching. Let them enjoy the whales while swimming around the blue waters. Watch as they do moves under water. Learn to appreciate these gentle creatures. After that, visit Robben Island, famed because of Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment and a site for a diverse species of mammals and birds. See how the interaction. Learn the diverse ecosystem of the island and realize how these numerous species live in a small community.

After satisfying your kid’s eyes with the beautiful creatures, do not fail to acquaint them with the local indigenous communities. Let them be changed by a lot of different experiences in terms of values and views about South Africa’s ancestors. Learn and appreciate the culture of the people. See their traditional dress, experience their food and see their beliefs.

Visit the Cradle of Human Kind, where one of the first humanoid fossils were found – Lucy. The caves were these ancient bones were found can be visited and explored with an expert guide.

If you already gone tired of walking around in those trips, take a cable mountain car. See the panoramic view of the rich land from Table Mountain, the best vantage point in Cape Town.

Take also a snow ski in Tiffindell Ski Resort. It is one of the few places in the entire Africa where snow skiing is available and a must in your list. Take the extreme actions you can do with your ski boards. Take the never cracking ups and downs of the sloppy snow ranges.

When your kids are already tired, let them rest on a native style eco-lodges or camp around a bush fire where you can enjoy a local barbecue called braai.

Truly, you South Africa family vacation will be nature-acquainted experience! Your South Africa family vacation will be a precious memory to keep.

Come and join us in this land of splendor.

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