High-End Introduction Agencies

High-End Introduction Agencies

Single professionals like this have reached the top of their profession, are cultured, sporty, well travelled, may speak 2-3 languages, a musical instrument, and may have a personal trainer. They are dynamic people, earning between 80 to 100K plus, which puts these individuals into much more difficult target market for the average introduction agency to match as anyone earning this level of income, is in the minority spread across the UK.

The average introduction agency focuses on numbers, gaining as many people as possible to fill their in-house data-base, so they can circulate a list of names to other members. For some this works, but when dealing with the above average accomplished single, there is simply not ENOUGH of the kind of people they expect to meet. The majority of singles who join a membership agency, a mainstream agency, will be middle management, blue collar workers, some traditional professions, but most will earn under 40K. 

High-achieving professionals, males, tend to be alpha males and do not want to be part of a data-base of names, as it is just not selective enough. This also applies to females who have achieved success professionally, they prefer to retain a more individual approach, an exclusive club feel, opposed to being ONE of many.


These people, being exceptionally attractive, educated, and personally accomplished, and genuinely do not fit into the mass-market dating or introduction agency. They have very specific requirements for the type of person they wish to meet, which for 9 out 10 introductions agencies, even the large London agencies will not have the caliber of introduction expected, not because they don’t try, but because this section of society is in much smaller pool of singles.

Especially so for the high-achieving female professional over 35. For every female aged between 35 and 50 seeking a high-caliber single professional as a potential partner, it’s 7 females to one male. These facts are from a reliable source through BBC research into the single market actively seeking potential partners.

Of course these figures are for the upper socio economic classes – earning in excess of 60K, not for the remaining 80 percent of the UK population. But if you’ve been public school educated, have a PhD, have a London home, with another in the country, or perhaps in New York, play polo and have travelled extensively, and you’re over 35, the pool of singles

In addition to this, with there being more females than males per the population, and in seeking a partner for marriage, it is extremely difficult for the high-caliber professional single to find a mate in the 38 to 45 year old age group than it is for those in the remaining 80 percent of the population.

If you are a high-achieving professional looking for a high-end introduction agency ensure you choose an introduction agency that specializes in this area of the single market. A niche service aimed at high-end introductions, as with my own agency

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Jill Rhodes-Harvey published Author’From Date to Mate’ a hard hitting dating guide, without the hype for singles seeking the exceptional male partner. Founder and owner of Rhodes-Harvey Introductions and The Association Independent Introduction Agencies. Published magazine articles and worked with BBC radio advising on dating in later life. Voluntary relationship counsellor.

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