Golfing Vacations in South Africa ? Breathtaking Golf Courses With Wild Safaris

If someone is looking to play golf in the extreme midst of nature then, here is the answer, South Africa. Here, nature doesn’t only mean greenery and beautiful sceneries but nature which also includes animals and an amazing wild world. A golfing vacation here can provide you a very exclusive opportunity to play golf and watch these wonders of nature together. Not only this, a golfing vacation in South Africa can offer you beauty, serenity, raw challenges and in overall, thousands of memories to cherish for rest of your life.

South Africa is one of very few destinations in the world which can offer you not only great safari tours and breath-taking beaches but also some of the best locations to play golf and chill- out. Slowly, it has acquired the number one spot as the hottest golfing destination in the minds of most of the professional golfers of the world. The reason is quite simple. Anyone in this world would love to see the nature present here in South Africa and what’s better than this if it is accompanied by a lush green golf course and some excellent facilities in them. The other reason behind the rising popularity of golfing vacations here in South Africa is that in a year, it has 300+ sunny days. Very rarely conditions are seen tough to play golf, beautiful landscapes and golf courses that are designed to bewilder even the best of the industry. With all these good things, especially a safari tour, one will only find the experience of playing golf at a golf vacation in South Africa the most congenial one.

There are around 500 golf courses in entire South Africa which are made on various locations such as coastal plains and mountains and everything in between. While on a golf vacation to South Africa, you can witness some of world’s best golf courses. An extravagant golf course in Sun City is the proud home of the world’s richest golf tournament. Everything is designed so strategically here, that it makes your golfing tour the most challenging one. Most of the golf courses are full of Kikuyu grass which makes time tough for a golfer, slick kidney shaped green area which requires not only 1000% percent concentration but also bodily power and smart presence of mind. Water hazards are placed so cleverly and shrewdly that they become almost impossible to tackle. This is all what a golfer requires in his game. All the hurdles, so that he can improve his game more and more. This golfing vacation, when accompanied by a safari-trip of south Africa comes as a dream come true for all those who are on a south African golf vacation.

The point here is that the South Africa is full of wild life and raw nature and this fact has contributed the most in making tourism, the biggest contributor in South African economy. It also has increased the popularity of golf vacations in South Africa as people come here with the joint intention of watching this wild world and also playing golf in some most modernized and lavish golf courses of the world. Both these things compliment each other as South Africa has lots of things to offer in wild life and nature and also in golfing experience while on a golf vacation to this beautiful country.

So, be sure that you choose South Africa if you are opting to go for a golf vacation. I guarantee you it will give you many other surprises other than just everlasting memories of playing golf.

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