Flights to Africa ? Top Ways to Save on Flights to Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania

Here are some ways to find the best prices on flights to Africa:

Look At Flying Through Countries With Historic Links To Africa
If you are flying via or even from Europe, remember that most European countries that once had colonies in Africa still have fairly close ties to those new countries. As a result, they may still have good airline connections from their capitals or leading business cities to these former colonies.

Here are some examples:

Germany Frankfurt – Namibia, Tanzania Netherlands Amsterdam – South Africa Italy Rome – Ethiopia Portugal Lisbon – Angola, Mozambique

In brief, if you are looking for a flight to a francophone West African country, use Paris as your hub. For East and Southern Africa most flights will go in and out of London.

Even If You Live in a City Like London, Look at Traveling Through Another Destination To Get A Cheaper Flight To Africa
Even if you live in London and there are plenty of flights to South Africa for you to choose from, you should still take a look at traveling through other countries. In this case, if you live in London and want to fly to Johannesburg take a look flying through Amsterdam on KLM, or Paris on Air France. For Cape Town you can look at flying from London to Frankfurt to Cape Town on Lufthansa. Because you will have to stop over you may well pay a lot less than if you were to fly nonstop or direct.

Don’t Ignore Airline Consolidators To Find Cheap Tickets To Africa
Finding cheap flights to Africa is a lot easier if you can search online for your flights.  But you  can really save a lot of money if you use a search engine that incorporates airline consolidator airfares as well as airfares published by the airlines. Airline consolidators, especially on high priced African flights, can save you up to 70% on published airfares.

Follow these tips and you should be able to find cheap flights to anywhere in Africa you choose from South Africa to Egypt to Ghana to Kenya!

|Michael R. Giles, J.D. is a lawyer. He’s been in the travel business since 1998. Finding low airfare is important to his African safari clients. Click cheap tickets to Africa to find the same low airfares he does. Visit Michael’s African Safari website & save on Africa airfare.

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