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Atlas Outdoor, specializing in family adventure, ecotravel, school expeditions and trekking holidays organize outdoor adventure tours in the High Atlas mountains, the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic coast. Atlas Outdoor’s Professional Mountain Guides will take you to discover Morocco’s most attractive and fascinating sceneries.

High Atlas: These trekking mountains offer extremely impressive mountain biking, hiking trails and skiing adventures.The highest peak is Toubkal (4168m).

Anti Atlas: with their austere beauty, labyrinth of throats, plates, turns and jagged needles, Saghrou and Siroua massifs offer a superb destination for trekking and biking sports.

Middle Atlas: Cedar forests and red oak trees, torrents and refreshing lakes all make of these mountains charming areas to explore.

 Deserts: large oasis depressions, extensive stony plains, rock-strewn plateaus, abrupt mountains, sand dunes.

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Atlas Outdoor spirit in a few words :

Unforgettable memories: You will definitely enjoy traveling with us with all your senses: we bring you to the most beautiful sites of wild Morocco, our cooks prepare delicious meals that can easily match with best Moroccan restaurants, music, traditional songs and dances always accompany our travelers at nights.
Connect you with different people: We and our team will be happy and proud to introduce you to their history and traditions  and share with you their millenar but still very alive culture. Lots of our travelers once returned speak about “the travel of their life”.

Professionalism: Our priority is to give you the best of Morocco from every standpoint: high security, best food and equipment, well trained and experienced guides, careful and dedicate team.

Environmental concern: We love the beautiful nature of Atlas and Desert and we are concerned to protect it and let you enjoy it as we do, without leaving any negative impact behind us.

Solidarity: Atlas Outdoor was founded in a spirit of solidarity with local people. Through our work and actions we are committed to improve their daily life and future. Therefore we use and employ only local ressources and play an active part in local development associations



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