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Purple House, Florida Hills Johannesburg
Image by Paul Saad (( ON/OFF ))

The women of Barentu
Image by CharlesFred
Wide open skies, mud and straw huts, little herds of
goats running around, a few camels, acacia trees,
kites and ibises flying and whirling around, donkeys
pulling carts, colourful tribal people wandering
around, children playing in the river water, smoke
coming out of the huts, the ladies preparing coffee,
surrounded by the smell of incense, the sun burning
down, little bars and hotels, U.N. soldiers and
World Food Programme, stunted baobab trees, a small
market by the bus station, another in town, selling
bananas, tomatoes, potatoes and sisal products… and
so on…

These were some of the impressions from Barentu,
capital of Gash Barka province in the West of Eritrea,

The day ended spectacularly with a massive storm cloud
brewing up from the north, just as the sun was
setting. The photos (which you may get to see one day)
are amazing. We sat out on the terrace of our Unite
Family Hotel, drinking beers and watching the free
lightning show as the cloud got ever closer. The
cloudburst, when it came was a little disappointing,
but after dinner it started raining consistently, such
that this morning, the rivers were flowing again and
there was a beautiful fresh wet smell to the beautiful
green landscape.

It was an early start again (5.00 am – the day before
having been 2.30 am due to a mix-up with Charles’
alarm clock), and a very dark start as the
electricity had fallen out. We were rewarded with a
very clear view of the late night sky, Mercury just to
the side of the mighty Orion, neither of which we had
seen so far on this trip. A couple of shooting stars
added to the fun.

Samburu moran (warrior)
Image by Gakige
Many hours are spent by warriors braiding each others’ hair. The long hair style is designated ONLY for warriors in the masai and samburu tribes. They color their hair red with clay & red ocher which is a pigment found in natural form in volcanic regions.

I was not allowed to touch his hair because I’m a woman 🙁

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