Cheap Tickets to Africa ? How to Find the Cheapest Flights to South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia

Whenever you are looking to save money on airfares to Africa you need to have an open mind.  Sometimes the bargains are not where you expect to find them. Here’s what I suggest.

Cheap Tickets To Africa Can Be Found If You Fly Through Another Destination

Whether you want to fly to Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Johannesburg or Nairobi, you will have to decide whether you want to have the convenience of flying non stop or direct or flying through another destination.

In general, if you fly through another destination, you are going to save money. If for example you want to fly from London to Johannesburg or Cape Town, you could fly non stop. Or you could check out the airfares of airlines like Emirates that have you fly through Dubai. You may well realize a lot of savings for the inconvenience.

Don’t Dismiss Airlines Simply Because You’ve Never Heard of Them – Look At ALL the Airlines that Fly to Your African Destination

Another point to know is that all airlines are not considered to be equal. What do I mean? Well if you want to fly on British Airways from London to Nairobi you will pay more than if you are willing to fly on Kenyan Airways on the same route. Another illustration? If you are willing to fly through Ethiopia (to get from New York to your African destination) on Ethiopian Airlines then you can save a lot on many destinations in Africa.

Use An Airfare Search Engine Robot That Includes Consolidator Fares

One of the best ways to find and book low airfares to Africa is to use an airfare search engine or robot.  It can search millions of airfares in seconds and give you the best deals on flights to Africa.

Michael R. Giles, J.D. is a lawyer. He’s been in the travel business since 1998. Finding low airfare is important to his African safari clients. Click discount and bargain tickets to Africa to find the same low airfares he does. Visit Michael’s African Safari website & save on Africa airfare.

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