Budget Hotels in Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital as well as the largest city of Madhya Pradesh. A beautiful city set in the heart of the country, Bhopal is famous for its arts and crafts. A rapidly developing city, Bhopal has a number of quality hotels which provide comfortable accommodation. Read on to find out more about the city and also check out some good economy hotels in Bhopal.

Bhopal is a peaceful mid-sized city and the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Its former name is said to be Bhojpal which was named after the legendary Raja Bhoj. The king is said to be the founder of the city and Bhopal was a part of the capital city Ujjaini. Bhopal is one of those 100% nostalgia cities of India where you can find the ghosts of the past existing with the present. The narrow gullies (lanes) and wide urban roads exist with each other that show an almost perfect amalgamation of present and days past. Bhopal, like Lucknow is reminiscent of the influences of the mighty Mughals, who left their mark in the numerous beautiful mosques and in building the Lower Lake. Bhopal is known for its two beautiful manmade lakes that are named only as Upper Lake and Lower Lake. The huge Upper Lake was built by Raja Bhoj as it cured him of an incurable skin disease while the Lower Lake was built during the Mughal era. You can enjoy boating and other water activities on these serene lakes with your family. The Van Vihar is a huge wildlife conservation that is built in the middle of the city near the Upper Lake that is a must visit for its sheer variety of animals. Bhopal can also be an ideal starting point for visiting nearby tourist locations like Sanchi which is a famous Buddhist Pilgrimage and Pachmarhi which is a small yet very beautiful hill station. Due to its Mughal influence, you can find popular dishes like biriyani and tandoori chicken here that have a distinctive taste. You should also visit the local market and buy some of the beads and handicrafts that Bhopal is famous for.

Budget Hotels in Bhopal

Hotel Surya is one of the best economy hotels in Bhopal and is located in the heart of the city, very close to the railway station. Its easy accessibility makes it quite popular among travelers and tourists alike. One of the popular budget hotels in Bhopal, it enjoys a customer recommendation of 76% which means 8 out of 10 people would love to visit again. Previous guests have praised the hotels location, facilities and superior services. It offers fully air conditioned rooms that are equipped with all major facilities like attached bath, cable TV and a mini bar. The hotel also offers restaurant/bar, swimming pool and a travel desk. The rooms are considered to be good value for money and costs Rs.1200.

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