Ayurveda Therapies In India Hotels

Think of India and the diversity; you will be transported altogether to a paradise on earth in the practical sense of the term. The science of life, the sanskritised term being Ayurveda, originated in the Indian soil. This philosophy was developed by the great Indian sages centuries ago from the Vedas, directed towards enhancing health, creating well-being, and treating of ailments. This philosophy is now widely utilized not only in India but also across the world. The concept has influenced the hospitality industry too. It is not unusual to find five star India hotels housing spa parlours where Ayurveda therapies are offered. Not all India hotels offer such facilities. So, if you are heading towards Mumbai or Delhi or any other city, search for India hotels that offer such facilities. No matter whether you are on a leisure trip or a business visit or for any purpose singly or in a group or with your family members, you can indulge in Ayurveda therapies and find yourself rejuvenated.

There are few Delhi hotels, Mumbai hotels and other India hotels that employ experienced Ayurvedic physicians who plan personalized Ayurvedic programs to suit your wellness needs. Right from analysis of the body and mind to determining of your constitution in relation to the three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, your complete Ayurvedic experience will certainly turn out to be an occurrence of a lifetime. The national capital Delhi witnesses countless business and leisure tourists round the year, so is the financial capital Mumbai. Almost all sophisticated Delhi hotels and Mumbai hotels witness 100% occupancy; there is no assurance that you get a confirmed accommodation during the peak season. It will thus be wise on your part to get the accommodation booking done beforehand. You do gain a competitive advantage with advanced booking you not only get a confirmed reservation but also get some good discounts. Look for Delhi hotels and Mumbai hotels, especially of the five star category, that offer Ayurvedic treatment facilities. Once your tasks get over, you can just relax at the Ayurvedic parlor and undergo the treatment that suits you the best.

Few of the Ayurvedic therapies worth mentioning are Abhyanga, a traditional Keralan dosha specific oil massage; Pizhichil involving pouring of dosha specific oil all over the body for rapid recuperation; Shirodhara wherein continuous warmed stream of herbal oil is poured onto the third eye; and the list goes on.

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