Africa Addio aka Africa Blood and Guts (1966) English Subtitles

Controversial documentary on Africa during the beginning of the end of European colonialism on that continent. Africa Addio does not give viewers the approve…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 comments to Africa Addio aka Africa Blood and Guts (1966) English Subtitles

  • dkwannabe  says:

    Nothing new to see here.? Same story played out everywhere, for all eternity. The only common theme: humans of all colors have always been vicious predators of life and resources, continue to be just the same, and probably always will be. My God is better than yours, my color is better than yours, my politics are better than yours, blah, blah, kill, kill. We’re a cancer on the face of this lovely earth (what’s left of it).

  • dkwannabe  says:

    wow – all I can say is: punc. tu. a. tion. would go a long way in getting your point across (whatever it is, I got lost? on the 2nd line).

  • Nithuigim1  says:

    They should do a sequel , same issues? continuing, slaughter of megabeasts
    political sectrain warfare Between black and arab in Sudan , blcak white violence south africa , black on black congo somaila etc.

  • jacaranda2bloom  says:

    Please check? it out on wiki – it is much criticised!

  • Floodlezoot  says:

    Africa Addio: The Feel-good Movie of the Summer! Don’t Miss It!?

  • Floodlezoot  says:

    I would? add that they didn’t mate with the Neanderthals.

  • DrControversy  says:

    The question people? don’t seem to ask themselves is, why were Africans… who had presumably more time than any other group, and a frequently rich, fertile continent… still in a condition to be oppressed, colonized, enslaved, and otherwise taken advantage of by everyone else so late into history? Why the stagnation? I believe it is due to a lack of selection pressures found elsewhere, and a lack of the resulting intellect they triggered.

  • DrControversy  says:

    The “noble savage” myth benefits greatly from the lack of historical records. If you don’t think incredible horrors and? inter-tribal genocides took place in Africa before any outsiders came into contact, atrocities completely unrecorded by history… then you’re being naive. Europeans’ sins are trotted out (mostly by themselves) and overblown specifically because they kept proper records and were introspective.

  • joe garza  says:

    Great movie.Great upload.Can someone upload the Shocking Asia movies??

  • InfantSuffering  says:

    you learn about white savagery in history class, you learn about black savagery through media. while it may? not be 100% true on both ends, it’s safe to say that the human race is the biggest tragedy the world has ever faced.

  • Lazarus0357  says:

    I’m old enough to have lived through those years. Everybody thought Africa, free? of the cruel European colonialist murderous Whites, would be Paradise. Look at Africa now, and please tell me about any improvements. Regards

  • TheWeedOperation  says:

    This one of the most disappointingly one sided, no depth, eurocentric, crap ass mondo film, claiming by some means that it’s a documentary, I’ve ever seen.

    All I can say to this, “Good riddance to? bad shit”

  • Kaarle Sysilahti  says:

    The documentary is racist but depicts the time of the makers. A long way is still to go to make? this world a more equal place.

  • sidney bwire  says:

    But its clearly racist?

  • sidney bwire  says:

    I am KENYAN and black and this shit is real as much asguys say its racist but this is the picture of Africa but some details are pure lies mentioned in commentaries. civilisation hasn’t crept on? many human minds including europe and USA . Its time for all of us to evolve and take care of what nature has offered us.

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