Question by D P: Africa?!!!?
One of the realest issues on the continent is not addressed:
the myth that sex with a virgin will cure AIDS.

It’s the motivation for rape and the spread of AIDS.

Oprah builds a school to educate young girls, but what about educating the young men so that this myth does not continue to be passed down and make it more likely that infections will continue?

Bono raises money for the hungry and/or medication funding to treat AIDS.

Why does no one address the ugly new origins of the AIDS epidemic (myth and rape)?
Alright, I asked about Africa, not the clergy. Don’t change the subject. If you wanna ask what’s being done about the priests, post a question not an off topic answer.
The UN? They lost their credibility long ago. Don’t wave those credentials at me on here.

The UN, the same people that let Andre Baptiste take food from the poor refugees for his soldiers. Fine job y’all have done, indeed.

You did not disprove that there is such a myth. If no one takes it all that seriously, how would an outsider like you know the damn difference? Just because you’re UN doesn’t mean you’re in the loop down there.
For all those addressing issues I didn’t mention, why isn’t anyone doing anything about those, either? Warfare? That makes too much money for arms dealers and countries.
Teaching safe sex will lead to sex before marriage, but how the hell is that worse than something like AIDS?

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Answer by Christabel
Great question. Point taken. Well taken. A million stars for you dear.

Beliefs can kill…humm?

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  • Julian  says:

    there is Aids propblems among people does not like rape too. Did you know it? or you have your own miths too?. Even in the catholic clergy there are aids cases.

  • darren m  says:

    The idea that a virgin will not have Aids or that it will cure Aids. There can be a further addition to the question the idea that abstinence will stop it that monogomy is a sure thing.

    The other myth or subject not adressed is the spread of blood diseases through blood spilled in warfare.

    The segregation and carefull handling of monkeys with Aids .
    The idea that condoms made for animals to prevent the spread of disease is not taken seriously but why not issue animals condoms before a worse disease appears stop it right there. This may not prevent it through the blood and no one is suggesting people are having sex with monkeys but it seems a sensible precaution. Where is The Sex Ed. for monkeys and other animals.

  • ChicagoV  says:

    I did a paper on the Aids epidemic in Africa and how it is actually becoming a security issue for African states and those countries that have security ties to Africa (i.e. oil). Other individuals are correct when they are stating that there is an issue within the Church. Many of the religions (incl. Catholicism which is growing in Africa) teach that sex before marriage is wrong.

    The problem is that young women (and men) are not taught safe sexual techniques. They are taught only that sex before marriage is wrong and not taught about birth or disease control. This leads to a huge issue because these women then have no idea what a condom is or how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. It is even state law in some countries that you are not allowed to teach safe sex practices.

    There is a very real concern about rape and the spread of HIV/Aids. This occurs most often in countries that are engaged in civil or interstate wars. It is seen as an act of war or a means of revenge. It needs to be more fully addressed by the Organization of African Unity but they have a lot on their plate.

    The most common way that HIV/Aids is actually passed is through the trucking industry. A large percentage of good are trafficked through Africa by trucks (not planes, trains, or ships) and it is spread by truck drivers. Some of these men even have several wives/families along their trucking route. This can increase the amount of people that are affected with the virus exponentially. In addition, there are occurrences of rape as well as a thriving prostitution trade in some states. With prostitution, a trucker will infect a woman and then she will infect more individuals. These other individuals will then continue the process of spreading the virus to their families or other individuals. This is a huge problem because it also spreads the virus throughout the different states. So, even if one state has good control over the epidemic there are individuals who are coming in who are infected from other states.

    So, to answer your question the origins of the epidemic are being addressed in certain states. Yet, those states which are influenced strongly by war, religion, or a strong dictator are having a harder time with the epidemic. There is also the issue that churches and religions give money to African states for food, education, and basic needs. There are a lot of religious groups that would not support money going towards teaching young women how to have safe sex because there is the belief that it would lead to girls having sex before marriage.

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