Activities and Sports in Morocco

Whether it’s inland, on the coast, in the mountains or in the desert, you will find something to do all year round. Morocco’s varied landscape provides endless opportunities for outdoor activities and sports. With a coastline that stretches for 3500 kilometers, along with numerous rivers, mountains and the deserts, the possibilities are endless. Morocco is has some excellent golf courses and is world renowned for its top class surfing. You can also go trekking, fishing, Han gliding, horse riding etc.

In Morocco, the four mountain ranges including the ATLAS chain and the RIF mountain range, provide an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy trekking, hiking and climbing. All of them are accessible to people in good physical condition. Perhaps the most popular is Le Deren, in the High Atlas. Certain peaks of the High Atlas remain snow-capped throughout the year. One can even do a “Grand Traverse” of the full range. However most people limit themselves to shorter treks round the Djebel Toubkal area.

Morocco gets good waves in the summer, but if you visit out of season (August to May) you will be sure to get much better swells. The Endo Marokko surf camp at Tamtraght offers you the chance to ride some of the best waves in Morocco, with expert guides and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s also in a prime location surrounding by various Morocco property from where you can explore the Atlas Mountains and the city of Agadir.

There are many opportunities for fishing in the quiet waters of the rivers and lakes throughout the country and well as deep sea fishing. Bonitos, sea perch, mullet, chad and sea bream are abundant in the Oceans. Several ports are equipped for deep sea fishing, for example Sakhla in the Sahara and Mohammedia near Casablanca offering various Morocco property for your holiday, where you can go out and fish for tuna, swordfish, marlin, grouper and barracudas. Trout can be fished in the wadis and more challenging in the gorges. Pike, black bass, perch, roach, carp, eels and barbels are plentiful in the lakes (the season generally being from May – June according to species).

And what about national Moroccan sports? The Moroccan national team of Football is one of the most prestigious teams of Africa and of the Arab World. She has, with her credit, a cut of Africa of the Nation and four qualifications with the final phases of the world cup.

Morocco currently occupies the 6th world rank in tennis after Spain, France and the United States of America, and with the same equal footing with Sweden, Australia and Germany, according to the classification of the country, published by the F.I.T, according to the number of players classified in the 50 first. Parmis the national heroes of this sport, one finds Younes El Aynaoui, best Moroccan player. He occupied the 1st world place in January 2002, year when he won 4 international tournaments!

Horse riding and camel rides is another popular sport in Morocco. There are many hotels and property in Morocco for tourist holidays that offer guided treks through the Atlas Mountains. You should bring your own helmet though. Major riding centers of Morocco are Rabat, Casablanca, Agadir, Meknes, Fez, Oujda, Ouirgane and Tangier.

Golf is one of the most popular sports in Morocco since the beginning of century. Morocco organizes several golf competitions. Players from all across the world take active participation in these events. One of the most popular events being organized is annual Hassan II Trophy. Royal Golf club, Dar Es-Salam at Rabat is the venue for playing it.

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