A trip to Old Town Rhodes during Rhodes holidays

There are many beautiful and worth seeing places in Rhodes such as historical sites, medieval towns, picturesque villages and amazing beaches. These sites are not only a source of attraction for tourists but also play an important role in promoting the tourism industry of Rhodes Island by offering best Rhodes holidays packages. Among the long list of Rhodes holidays ideas, a trip to the Old Town is an enthralling experiences for tourists of all age groups.

Rhodes Old Town

Whether it is Rhodes Island or it is Rhodes Old Town, you can find plenty of accommodation solutions, cafés, bars, shops, hotels and restaurants in the region. When it comes to the Rhodes Old Town, it lies at the end of Rhodes Port. This part of Island Rhodes is known for its ancient town structure and amazing walls.

Things on offer by the Old Town

The medieval town of Rhodes offer a wide range of medieval style infrastructures like sculptures, bridges, towers and a lot more, so that you can have best time in the region during your summer Rhodes holidays. All this stuff will collectively make you feel if you are back into the 15th century. You can also enjoy walking through different streets and areas of this ancient town.
Being one of today’s well preserved ancient settlements, Rhodes Old town has so much to discover.

Major Attractions in Rhodes Old Town

Although you can find many of the sightseeing opportunities in Rhodes Old Town, yet some of the major tourist attractions in the area include:

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes Old Town

Rhodes Archaeological Museum is situated in the medieval building of Knights’ hospital. Many of the archaeological excavations have been carried out to this place, from where different findings have been obtained. It is perhaps, one of the top picnic spots for history seekers that can be best enjoyed during next Rhodes holidays.

Knights’ Street

Various Knights and warriors have been using this street as part of their Rhodes accommodation. You can still find many of the old accommodations with a range of inns and lodges that were used by the knights during their times. Similarly, you also can find the popular Palace of Grand Masters at the end of this street. It is therefore a best spot for spending Rhodes Holidays 2010.

The Town’s Eleven Gates

Being one of the best sightseeing destinations in Rhodes Old Town, each gate among these eleven gates of the town has it own exceptional charm to attract tourists. Some of the names of the gates are the Elefterias gate, the Amboise gate, the Panagia gate, the Agiou Ioannou gate and the Athanasiou gate.

Other Attractions

In addition to above mentioned attractions of Old Town, other worth seeing places include Ippokratous square, Simi square, Minaret of the old city, Mosque of Suleiman, The Great Hamam, The clock tower and Byzantine Museum etc. You can make your stay at this place memorable for you if you hire a cozy accommodation nearby top attractions so that you can enjoy your visit at its best.

There is a wide range of Hotels in Rhodes that provides comfortable accommodation and makes your holidays the best Rhodes holidays on Island Rhodes.

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