A tourist Jewish converts to Islam in Morocco Marrakech

A tourist Jewish converts to Islam in Morocco Marrakech

Ein Tourist jüdischen Konvertiten zum Islam in Marokko Marrakesch Un touriste juif se ConvertIt à l’islam au Maroc à Marrakech ????????????? ?????? ? ????? ?…
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10 comments to A tourist Jewish converts to Islam in Morocco Marrakech

  • bleu mix  says:

    awesome! i prefere though the 800xc because its lighter

  • De Pezzeiboyz  says:

    Every year we go on our tour? with five friends on our Triumps! see the Alps.
    But this is a trip we want to do, it goes on our: “to do list” we have two Tiger Explorers and two Tiger1050 one of us has still to make the decision fot a Explorer or a Trophy ! Thank you Triumph for making these great bikes!

  • Jacek Suska  says:

    i tak powsta?o? kolejne moje marzenie….

  • aachen05  says:

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!?

  • terramar08  says:

    Triples respond well but one has to pay at the petrol pump … That said, I’m glad I got a Tiger instead of a BMW F650GS.

    Alex, what bike do you have, then?? I was wondering if you’ve ridden an 800 and so noticed a *big* difference… Just that I’d be interested to know. Perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to get ‘a go’ on an Explorer one day, too!

    Best wishes

  • terramar08  says:

    They say that luck is? when preparation meets opportunity, Alex. Fingers crossed!

  • terramar08  says:

    Commiserations on losing ! Yes that’s right, we call it a competition. Perhaps there’ll be another? one this autumn, or next year.

  • terramar08  says:

    🙂 We’ll have to keep our eyes open for the next competition, I? suppose. Just don’t tell everyone!

  • ear grey  says:

    me? too.. that would be cool.. especially on a triumph..

  • mymanos1234  says:

    i triumph? exei anevei poli kataskeuastika kai tha anevei akoma perisotero! pisteuw oti ta epomena xronia tha einai stis protes thesis epilogis motosikletas!!

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