A Feel Of Morocco At The View Park Hotel

A Feel Of Morocco At The View Park Hotel

You know the saying “when you’ve seen one hotel room, you’ve seen them all”? So true, especially when most hotels look almost identical (read: modern Asian Zen). Even the calm, soothing ambiance can be all too predictable, and being the restless creatures we are, we welcome variety to spice things up.

So it comes as a refreshing point that there is one boutique hotel that makes an effort to look different without being OTT (over the top). The modern Moroccan design elements at View Park Hotel Tagaytay offers guests a pleasing alternative – you stay in rooms designed for cocooning in an earthy, rich swirl of heavy fabrics and copper tones.

Interior Designer Ryan Soon took on a different approach when he did the rooms at View Park and took a leaf from his personal preference page. He likes “dark” rooms and believes that a complete blackout makes for total rest and rejuvenation. Toning his vision a notch to appeal to a wider base, Soon wrapped the rooms in rich hues of gold, copper, and brown to take on a Moroccan atmosphere. Thus beds and windows are dressed in sumptuous linens and heavy fabrics. A delightful touch is the wall mounted lamps with cutouts that transports you to the Middle East and the multi layered lamp sparkling over the staircase.

For Soon, the Far East has always held a mystical allure and he finds inspiration in countries such as Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Among his favorite things are heavy silver tea service trays, solid gold teapots, genuine and color drenched Persian rugs and the shishal, an exotic-looking pipe that can be huge. He admits that these have yet to find their way into View Park as the cost of importing these items, in addition to the price of the item itself, can be quite exorbitant. For now, he contents himself with sourcing all over and whenever. “Wala akong pakialam kung saan siya nanggaling, basta bagay”, is Soon’s oft repeated mantra. Because of this, he is a frequent visitor at Tutuban, Divisoria and Azcor, which he credits for being his source of unusual Moroccan-looking lamps that are very reasonably priced. He admits that the key to making the look is being extremely resourceful and ingenious, especially when it comes to keeping the budget. And of course, being creative to the hilt.

Soon plans to continue his love affair with all things Moroccan with the expansion of View Park Hotel. A brand new multi-story extension is underway right now at the back of this charming hotel, and when completed will house its own swimming pool. Soon promises that it will look downright fabulous. And of course, Moroccan-inspired.

Check out www.viewparkhotel.com to see special promos. You may also direct your inquiries (such as how to get group discount rates) to Ms. Joy Tung at the following contact numbers: 0922-8851516, (046)4835456, telefax (046)8602826 and email address dj_viewpark@yahoo.com. ViewPark Hotel is located at 3500 Calamba Road Sungay East, Tagaytay City (in front of Picnic Grove).

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