10 Reasons why you should get married in Gibraltar

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10 Reasons why you should get married in Gibraltar

If you’ve just been proposed to, or have just proposed to the love of your life, and been accepted (!) you are probably right now running around in a panic, thinking of all the things you are going to have to do! It is a well-known fact that planning a wedding is as stressful as moving house, having a baby, starting a new job – all those things that get those jitters going, and the butterflies flapping in your belly. If the only thing you’ve ever organised before is a BBQ in your backyard, then planning your wedding is going to be a challenge and a half. But before you go screaming back to your fiancé (e) that it was all a big mistake, hold on! It really isn’t that difficult, you know. These days, all you need is a good location, great weather, and a sympathetic locally based wedding planner to help you make it happen.

A Wedding abroad – away from home – is a wonderful way to bring together all your loved ones in one place where they can also enjoy a little holiday for themselves. The best weddings are the ones where all your guests wish they could do it all over again, because it was such a perfect day. Not many places can guarantee that kind of effect. So what makes Hour Weddings think that they can make it happen for you in Gibraltar? Here are at least 10 reasons we can think of….

1. It’s easy – A wedding made in Gibraltar is an uncomplicated affair to organise with regards to the legalities. For decades, couples have come to the Rock to tie to knot. You can book your wedding with 24 hours notice even, if you want! After that is done, the paperwork is easy, and with an Hour Weddings co-ordinator by your side, we can help you sort it out with the minimum fuss.

2. Short flights – Flights to Gibraltar and Malaga are very frequent from most major destinations, and affordable for your guests- if you are coming from the UK then the journey to the Rock is just two and half hours long.

3. Lovely venues – Nowadays the Gibraltar Registry allows weddings to take place in other venues as well as the Registry, which means you can have a very romantic wedding in one of the many beautiful locations that are licensed to perform marriage ceremonies. Take for example, Gibraltar Botanical Gardens – a beautiful location abundant with exotic and rare flora, inspired by the Italian gardens of the past. Or you could get married in the charming and luxurious Rock Hotel, with its fantastic views overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar. Or you could go for something totally different and get married at the top of the Rock! This is a stunning location that is hard to beat for that wow factor! If you prefer, you can also choose to have your wedding ceremony in Gibraltar then head across the border to one of the many fantastic venues available to host your wedding celebration. From the rustic charm of a finca, to the imposing yet beautiful rural monasteries, to an elegant restaurant in Puerto Banus, to a five star luxury hotel on the Millionaires strip – the range is endless, and with the help of your wedding planner, you WILL find the right place for your special day.

4. The weather! – With wonderful weather for most of the year, you needn’t worry about how your day will turn out, especially if you pick a date from March to September!

5. Experienced local wedding planning service – Hire a competent wedding planner like Hour Weddings – Gibraltar’s leading wedding and event organiser. The experienced team can organise a wedding package to suit your individual requirements – whether your budget is limited or lavish. Or if you want just a little assistance and support on the day, they can handle that too, so that you can really enjoy your special occasion. Hour Weddings range of services is comprehensive and will assist you with all aspects of your wedding – from finding the wedding dress, to ordering the cake, booking hotel accommodation and flights for you and your guests, airport transfers, working closely with the venues to ensure everything is just as you want it to be, catering and waiter service, and making sure the champagne is flowing as long as its needed! And they now have an extensive range of easy to use wedding packages- perfect for the busy bride!

6. Location –The unique location of Gibraltar makes it possible for you to choose to take off for your honeymoon from Gibraltar to Spain, or Morocco, a popular destination – with flights to Marrakech from Gibraltar, you couldn’t pick a more romantic getaway.

7. Cost – Given the current financial downturn, it is wiser today to spend your pounds and not convert to Euros. Gibraltar is a British colony, its main currency the pound sterling. It makes sound financial sense to pick Gibraltar as your wedding destination. Simple!

8. History – Follow in the footsteps of famous names like John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and Sean Connery. In his heyday, he tied the knot here on the Rock. And John and Yoko caused quite a stir when they decided to get married in Gibraltar!

9. Cruise stop – You could always plan your wedding on the Rock with a honeymoon cruise in mind – fly to Gibraltar, get married, then board one of the many luxury liners that come to Gibraltar every summer. Now doesn’t that sound wonderful? We can arrange that for you!

10. A very warm welcome – Finally, there is one more reason we can think of – the people in Gibraltar are just great! You can be sure that you and your guests will be treated to Gibraltar’s famous Mediterranean hospitality.

Yes, Gibraltar is a wonderful wedding destination. And if you need help organising your day, let the wedding planners know. With some great packages in place for the coming year, look ahead and think “Gibraltar, my wedding in 2011!” – “Imagine all the people” who will love your decision! www.hourweddings.com

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