What is the easiest country to immigrate to?

Question by m31278: What is the easiest country to immigrate to?
What is a country that somebody from Canada, not retired, no advanced degrees, no job sponsor, no specific job or anything can move to legally? Does it exist?
And also not being an investor.

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Answer by ibu guru
If you are young, e.g. college student/new grad, you might qualify for working holiday visa somewhere for up to a year. But you must go home. And you have to prove you can support yourself for the year, and have a valid return ticket to get back home, in order to apply for such a visa.

4 countries have special retiree visas for retirees with adequate pension income which can be transmitted from their country to the retiree-visa country: Ecuador, Panama, Belize & Malaysia. There may be another one under consideration, but nothing enacted yet.

Otherwise, you need exceptional education, experience, expertise, credentials to get so much as a temporary employment visa. Worldwide labor glut is a billion adults – a billion more adults looking for work than jobs available. Nobody wants anyone but highly qualified people and rich investors who will create a lot of jobs.

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