Top 5 ideas for Halloween costumes Horror Style

Whether you realize it or not, Halloween is right around the corner. How many Halloweens in a row have you gone without doing something special? Life is about creating memories. When you sit at home and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, that’s not going to create many lasting memories. Don’t let another quality Halloween experience pass by. Instead, find a great Halloween costume and have some fun. The best part about dressing up is that you’re allowed to be that character. In other words, you don’t have to act as yourself. It’s a time to let loose and surprise some people.

It should come as no surprise that the top 5 ideas for Halloween outfits are costumes that pertain to successful horror movies. We will cover these popular mens Halloween costumes so you can choose which one might be the best choice for you. It might sound simplistic, but it’s wise to choose the character from your favourite movie on the list. When you relate to a certain character, you fit into that character with more ease, which makes the entire Halloween experience a lot more enjoyable. Also, be sure not to get the wrong idea. Even though these are mens Halloween costumes, they can still be worn by women. Actually, that will surprise your friends and family even more – and make for some great still pictures and video. Below are the top 5 ideas for Halloween costumes.


Did any movie character of the 1980s offer more horror and comedy at the same time? Beetlejuice is still one of the most unique characters ever to hit the big screen. If you feel as though you have a sense of humour and you can add a little scare at times, then Beetlejuice is the perfect choice for you.

Just keep in mind that the wig usually comes separately with Beetlejuice costumes. Don’t forget to add makeup and you will have one of the best Halloween outfits at the party.

Freddy Krueger

If you’re not familiar with Freddy, he’s the man with the old red-striped sweater and razor-fingered gloves. He’s also the guy who enters your dreams in an attempt to steal your soul. That being the case, it’s wise not to go to sleep when Freddy is around. You can take the same horrifying angle to scare your friends and family if you choose to dress up as Freddy this Halloween.

Jason Vorhees

Kill, Kill, Kill, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. Jason from Friday the 13th is virtually impossible to kill. Therefore, he makes a great Halloween character, especially if you want to walk around with an axe or a machete – not real ones, of course.


No horror movie in history featured a more frightening character than Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He’s a disturbed man who dismembers bodies in his basement and then brings those body parts upstairs so his family can eat them for dinner. Does this sound frightening enough for Halloween? Add the blood-stained apron and you’re well on your way to having the police after you this Halloween with Leatherface one of the most popular Halloween outfits on the market.

Psycho Norman Bates

The reason the Norman Bates costume is so popular and scary is because he looks like the average man – only that he dresses up in his mother’s clothes. Oh yeah, he also likes to stab people through shower curtains. Sound like this is up your alley? Well this could be one of your choices for mens Halloween costumes this October.

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Mens Halloween Costumes that come direct from the movies. Halloween is the most popular time for dressing up in your favourite characters costume. Shop early for your Halloween outfits and avoid disappointment For The best ideas for Mens Halloween Costumes 2011

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