Polyrhanis arfakensis (Cicindelidae)

Check out these canon flash images:

Polyrhanis arfakensis (Cicindelidae)
canon flash

Image by gbohne
"slash & burn" within the ancient forest of the Arfak mountains provides a living for this Tiger beetle species!

Polyrhanis arfakensis MATALIN & WIESNER, 2008
Genus: Polyrhanis RIVALIER, 1963
[det. J. Wiesner 2010, based on photos]
Family: Cicindelidae (Tiger beetles, Sandlaufkäfer)

Holotypus: www.papua-insects.nl/insect%20orders/Coleoptera/Cicindeli…

Indonesia, W-Papua, 32 km SW Manokwari: Syoubrig (Mokwam), 1630m asl., 14.08.2010
100mm macro (canon 2.8 L), 1/125s, f/16, ISO200, 0EV, internal flash, monopod


Droplet with a view
canon flash

Image by mrlins
Played around with the camera and flash today again and got this nice drop-shot (the best one out of about 60 or so). The background is my balcony (you can see the flower boxes) :)

Nothing is manipulated in this shot – it’s only slightly cropped in Photoshop (and I corrected the levels as usual)

?????? – 92/365
canon flash

Image by foshydog
Busted out the ring flash for this one. I don’t have much to say tonight. Almost bought a car but ended up getting kind of screwed over.

Click here to see how lovely my skin looks.


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