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The Wine Guy: Valentine's Day
(by Greg Walter) Why does every holiday have to have the “perfect wine pairing?” Well, I guess it wouldn't be a real holiday in this country unless we could figure out a way to sell bazillions of dollars in consumer goods on, around or about it. OK …
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Burgundy's Embarrassment of Riches
In a dozen years of tastings, the Dining section wine panel had seldom if ever faced a joyous trove like this one. We each had before us 20 glasses of red Burgundy from the 2010 vintage, all from villages in the Côte de Nuits, somewhat modest wines in …
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Is A Wine Aerator Worth It? Our Decanting Taste Test
We'll be the first to admit it to you: although we like wine quite a bit, and have even made it one of our resolutions to drink more of it in 2013, we're not experts by any means. So, sometimes when someone tells us we "have to decant wine," or "really …
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