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Japanese Company Applies for Establishment of Top Level .Moe Domain
Originally derived from the verb “moeru” which means to bud, or to sprout, “moe” is often used to describe a feeling of excitement towards some object or character, mainly in animation, manga (Japanese comic books), and video games. It has often been …
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Video: Japanese anime 'Blast of Tempest' DVD release trailer
article image Video: Japanese anime 'Blast of Tempest' DVD release trailer. article:351403:1::0. By Can Tran. Jun 2, 2013 in Entertainment. By Can Tran. Aniplex of America, making an announcement at this year's A-Kon, plans to release the series "Blast …

Japanese Poll Results: Favorite Character From Spring 2013
Japanese anime portal AnimeOne released the results of the Spring 2013 Favorite Character poll after closing the voting on June 1st, Japanese Standard time. The poll collected a total of 15,900 votes online and the results include many expected and …
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