Dec 15 2014

Week 11 Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tennessee Titans highlights – World Latest News

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Dec 14 2014

Uk Channel Four New Media Brand Operation Strategy – Television Programs, Operations Management – Hc

Britain’s Channel Four to innovative content and form, the BBC monopoly of the British media industry is rapidly growing, after years of development, has become a unique brand. Britain’s Channel New Media (Hereinafter referred to as: Channel4) followed the trend of new media revolution, combining Internet, phone and TV, own many of the Internet Audio and Video Program, unique in the field of new media, media industry in the UK had a very big impact.

Full content of multi-channel expansion of the brand
According to different transmission networks, new media is now generally divided into three categories: Broadband Internet, digital Broadcasting Network and wireless mobile networks. Three types of new media forms and traditional TV media continued integration, the increasing maturity of the value chain is creating a new and improved.

Channel4 combining Internet, phone and television, first as a gateway to the important role of the fourth channel, transmission TV station Program of the dynamic information such as full use of new media features two-way communication, and in the forum, a blog full expression. Channel4’s online experience using advanced technology, digital channels closely with the network content, the user can be customized using the Internet or phone access to Channel4 to provide information and support, can have the opportunity to watch television in each episode to miss. Often talk about the new media, we consider the medium itself too much, and in charge of Channel4’s Adam? Kyrgyzstan (AdamGee) view, “new media = Interactive Media.” Building itself from the media to talk about, the largest interactive features of the new media, interactive media, new media features full play to change the way traditional media forms of communication. To use an interactive approach to the construction of the new media of television, improve the content of building, strengthening transmission by the exchange, to enhance the brand reputation. Integration of old and new media

establish a unified brand image the role of traditional TV media, both the brand and resources

Channel4 has a primary principle that the television stations to maintain a strong and innovative capacity. In the process of building the new media, Channel4 has followed this principle, so that the influence of television has become an extension to the new media. Channel4 in the construction process into the traditional TV media, content and settings via simple integration of program content, classification, formation of new programming resource library, which formed in, including broadband service FourDocs and a Video on Demand Service 4oD continuous development of increasingly extensive online activities. Impact in improving their own, but also to further guide the viewers attention to traditional TV, the formation of brand interaction.

Of traditional television programs, the spread of value-added
Traditional TV programs on the Internet, cell phones and other new media environment, the spread of value-added, has been constantly exploring Channel4 direction, and has formed a relatively complete structural model, mainly in three aspects:

First screen the content of external aggregation. Traditional TV programs are to time constraints, must be the most essential content in a limited period of time passed to the audience. Interconnection of new media to bring the mass of features can be very good to make up for this shortcoming of traditional television. The user can see not only the traditional Channel4 TV program content, but also to see the story behind the content, information, and even show trailers, clips and other popular TV shows.

Secondly, strengthening the professional guidance and interaction. Users can easily get Channel4 professional “help.” In the program bar of the “Editor’s Choice (Editor’sPicks)”, thereby enabling users to understand the most anticipated fourth channel the latest content. In the “Editorial Voice (NewsroomVoices)”, users can read the editor’s biography, reports, reviews, backstage about the program, a better understanding of related events. Users can also channel 25 years from the 1000 fourth video clip library in accordance with the program categories (entertainment, lifestyle and documentaries) selection of professionally screened content.

Third, focus on building vertical content. Programs that take advantage of its strengths, for a particular industry for content aggregation. For example, acclaimed Channel4 Auto Channel (4car), the channel has the auto show reports, video Test So hundreds of films, including airbags blog, driving games and other features commonly used tool for content. Per month to the millions of people surf the Internet.

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Dec 14 2014

A Review Of The Film “bingo”

Bingo is an American family comedy film. It’s about a circus dog called Bingo, who runs away from the circus after being ostracised from the troop because he can’t do the trick they have given him to do in the show.

As his master gets ready to shoot him Bingo manages to escape and in the process saves the life of a young boy called “Chuckie” (played by Robert J. Steinmiller Jr.). Chuckie is also an outcast within his own family and once he meets Bingo they become best friends. Although Chuckie keeps Bingo unknown to his parents they still find time to go skateboarding, play arcade games and do homework together.

Things start to go awry when his parents discover the stowaway Bingo and make it quite clear that the dog will not be going with them when they move the family across the country for a fresh start.

Once they’ve moved away Bingo tries to follow them and in doing so has many outlandish adventures. Chuckie and Bingo are reunited only to be trapped in a room together with a ticking bomb that has minutes before detonation. As both of their lives are in danger Bingo steps up and once again saves the life of the forever unlucky Chuckie. In the process he injures himself and when Chuckies Dad realises that they both love each, he allows his son to keep the talented dog.

The film was made in 1991 and featured the very talented voice over actor Frank Welker as many of the non-human voices used. Frank Welker’s work is very well know. His work includes such characters as: Nibbler in the cartoon TV series Futurama, the monkey Abu in Aladdin, Doctor Claw in Inspector Gadget, Soundwave and Megatron in Transformers, as well as Uni the unicorn in Dungeons and Dragons. Welker’s voice can be heard on practically every high profile animated television show, any live-action films involving a non-human voice and many video games.

Although Bingo features no major Hollywood actors and wasn’t a box office hit upon its release, Frank Welker still managed to make the audience believe in the character of Bingo the dog.

Following a long line of female dogs portraying male ones in films and TV – Bingo was actually a female dog found by the well-known agency “Hollywood Animals” in a dog refuge shelter.

Bill Weston writes on a number of subjects including Bingo.

Look here for more information on Bingo

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Dec 14 2014

How to: Newspaper Nails

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Dec 14 2014

L’unico film esistente su San Pio X Papa.

L’unico film esistente su San Pio X Papa. Veramente imperdibile! (Gloria TV)
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Dec 13 2014

KERRY: U.S. ‘open’ to working with Iran over IRAQ | LATEST NEWS.

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Dec 13 2014

Batman: The Complete Television Series – Cat Fight

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases new “Catfight” clip from “Batman: The Complete Television Series”. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is proud to begin…

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Dec 13 2014

In the Face of Family Financial Crisis – How to Break the News to Your Kids

The current economic meltdown struck not only the business industry, but families as well. And because of this, families had to make necessary adjustments in order to keep up with the tough times. As much as possible, you want your kids to be sheltered from your financial crisis. Having to inform your kids about your current family crisis even makes the whole financial problem harder than it already is.

? A little honesty won’t hurt. You may think that hiding the truth from your kids will protect them from the effects of your family’s financial crisis, but you are wrong. Kids know when something is wrong in your home, because they can notice sudden changes in your behavior. It would be best to explain the financial crisis that your family is going through, because your kids will finally find out about it in the long run. And they would appreciate to hear the news from you and not from other people.

? Keep an open communication. Listen to what your kids have to say regarding your family’s financial crisis; because they might have suggestions that can help you survive the crisis. If in case they feel embarrassed about your situation, tell them that they are not alone, because other families experience difficulties too.

? Set a budget. Tell your kids that your family has to cut back on expenses. Your kids might find it hard to accept the need for budgeting especially if they were used to your family’s luxurious living. Explain to them why you have to cut costs and assure them that you are doing your best to get your family out of the situation. Involve your kids in financial planning if possible, so they can have a better understanding of the issue.

? Support each other. In tough times like this, your family needs to stick together to work hand in hand in solving your current financial crisis. Your kids might worry about not having a birthday party since your family is on a tight budget. But you can still celebrate tour child’s birthday by taking advantage of cheap postcards offered by online printing services. Ask relatives to write messages to your child and give the postcards to him on his birthday.

? Avoid conflicts. No matter how difficult your situation is, never fight with your husband in front of the kids. If you have to discuss issues, do this in the bedroom. Studies show that kids get seriously affected when parents constantly fight during tough times.

The best thing that you can do for your kids is to maintain your healthy relationship with them. You can do simple things together as a family to help you stay intact even in the face of a financial crisis. Bear in mind that your family needs each other in order to surpass even the biggest of problems.

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Dec 13 2014

CNN: Alien found on Mars? True Evidence? Documentary Short

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Dec 13 2014

Most Stunning Film Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders play an important role in different events, especially sport games because they direct audience to create the playfully supporting atmosphere. Some talented actresses become more stunning and attractive when these beauties act as cheerleaders in movies like Megan Fox, Hayden Panettiere, Kirsten Dundst, Christina Milian, Carmen Electra, Amy Smart, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Zoe Saldana and Wendy Benson.


Megan Fox acted a bloodthirsty man-eater in the horror film “Jennifer’s Body”, who consumes the flesh of her lovers and their souls by vampire teeth. However, she looked beautiful and purified when setting some scenes as a cheerleader of the high school.

Megan Fox in “Jennifer\’s Body”

On the hit sci-fi drama, “Heroes”, Hayden Panettiere proved that cheerleaders could do more than just stand on the sidelines. She acted as a high school girl with her regenerative healing ability.

Hayden Panettiere in “Heroes”

The character of Kirsten Dundst in “Bring It On” is a cheerleader of the Rancho Carne Toros who saves her squad\’s winning reputation.

After the success of “Bring It On” in 2000, singer Christina Milian acted as Lina Cruz, a tough Latina cheerleader who was transferred to a snobby L.A. high school and proved that she had the talent to make the squad.

Christina Milian in “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish”

In “Starsky and Hutch”, Carmen Electra and Amy Smart played cheerleaders who are romanced by the cop partners.

In “Grease” (1978), Olivia Newton John played Sandy, the new girl from Australia who joins the Rydell cheer leading squad and falls in love with bad boy Danny (John Travolta).

Olivia Newton John in “Grease”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead played as Lee, a naive B-movie actress who wore a cheerleader costume in Quentin Tarantino\’s “Death Proof”.

Wendy Benson starred as a high school cheerleader in the TV movie “Pretty Poison”

Zoe Saldana performed as an Atlanta college head cheerleader in “Drumline”, a movie about a college band program.

A group of University of Texas cheerleaders in “Man of the House” including Kelli Garner, Christina Milian, Paula Garces, Vanessa Ferlito and Monica Keena took part in a witness protection program after witnessing a murder.

A group of cheerleaders in “Man of the House”



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