Outstanding News in Pictures: 10 August 2011

All breaking news and outstanding events on August 10, 2011 in the world are excellently captured in the following impressive images.

Violence has broken all over the streets of Chile’s capital and other cities on Tuesday. Reportedly, tens of thousands of students riot against police during a demonstration demanding changes in public education. Demonstrators with masks burned cars and barricades, threw furniture at police in Santiago. Even, some other people destroyed department buildings and broke windows. Riot police used gas and water to push the riot back. About 273 protesters were arrested. The rioters call for the government to provide “free and equal” public education along with increase spending on schooling.

Riot police responded gas and water

These contact lenses, costing $ 15,000 a pair, are designed by Shekhar Eye Research in Mumbai and decorated with real diamonds and gold

A largest solar flare in five years was pictured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) in extreme ultraviolet light at 131 Angstroms

Australia’s Miss Universe contestant Scherri-Lee Biggs displays the Australian National Costume that she is going to wear at the Miss Universe final in Brazil

A pair of hummingbirds is seen flying in a garden in Colombia

Muammar Gaddafi’s son Khamis is seen visiting wounded Libyans in a hospital which denies rumors that he was killed by a NATO air strike near Zlitan

Violence in London has been happening for four nights and flaring to other cities in England. Thousands of police have been deployed

The auroral display appears over sky in Canada’s Northwest Territories

The picture shows that new icebergs break off the Sulzberger Ice Shelf. This is due to the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit off the coast of Japan at 13,000 km south to the Sulzberger Ice Shelf in Antarctica

Guards are protecting the Mailbox shopping centre in Birmingham

Apple has won the patent infringement battle against Samsung when German court banned the Korean firm from selling Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in European market


Chilean students demand education reform


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Mary Rose is currently a lecturer on society. In her free time, Mary is fond of joining social activities. Her goal is to provide up-to-date news and articles on society and culture

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Going Green: Stay Informed with Energy Articles and Latest News on Sustainability Practices

Using environment-friendly measures can add up to yearly savings worth more than 4 million dollars for the Empire State Building, a recent report by an environmental agency suggests. That’s not all. Green practices can reduce energy consumption by about 38% and, in slightly more than 3 years, results will be seen in terms of higher profits. This is the power of going green, as businesses have begun to realize. The message: companies need to pull up their socks and introduce sustainable practices—or get thrown out of the competition.

Every sector—from heavy production to customer fronting services— is strategizing ways to cut down energy inefficiencies and reduce flab. If you have a business that deals with energy, or are thinking of ways to introduce energy efficient practices in a traditional business, you would obviously want to know what companies like yours are doing to save energy. You can do this by reading the articles and in-depth company reports on sustainability practices that are published in major energy magazines.

Sustainability through energy conserving measures is a major need for today’s industries, as they explore new ways to cut down on energy expenses, and boost their productivity levels. Some offices are exploring the concept of virtual workplaces, in which people operate out of digital environments using laptop setups, instead of attending traditional offices. Pharmaceutical companies have begun using environmentally friendly methods in chemical production processes. News on what global players are doing to introduce sustainable practices is getting featured in stories and articles every day.

As traditional sources of energy, such as oil and gas reserves are gradually getting depleted, soon we might not have much left to run our industries. Governments and groups are exploring non-traditional energy sources, and harnessing wind, water, and solar energy for operations. Debates on oil and gas are constantly changing, and you have to read articles on these developments to know how to deal with the changes.

To keep ahead of the competition, you have to know the latest sustainability practices and get them in to your workplace. Getting the latest information on developments in sustainable practices can help you figure out how to save critical resources in your technology, production, supply, and management chains. Reading articles and new stories on these developments can keep you abreast of all that is happening in this exciting field. Stay in touch with the green buzz, and beat the competition.

Access real time news, energy articles and detailed energy company reports with a subscription to Energy Digital, the popular magazine focused on sustainability practices in businesses.

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The Central African Republic Diaries

The Central of African Republic is situated in the Central Africa.The Central African Republic was bordered by Chad in to the north side, bordered by Sudan in to the north east,and bordered by South Sudan in the east, and surrounded by Republic of the Congo and The Democratic Republic of Congo in the south side and surrounded by Cameroon in the west side.The area covered by Central African Republic is about 240,000 squares miles.The Central African Republic is depending upon the foreign aid. In Central African Republic many NGOs are also providing many services which government is fail to give. Without foreign aid the Central African Republic can not run.The Peace building fund was also given by United Nations to the Central African Republic.

Ban ki-moon is the Secretary General and he declared on January 8, 2008 that the Central African Republic was qualified to receive aid from the peace building fund.The three main areas were identified to give them this aid and make them better. The three areas are Promotion of good governance and the rule of law, Security sector reform and the Revitalization of communities affected by conflicts.The Human right violation is widely spread in the Central African Republic. The human right record is very poor and there is no freedom of speech in the Central African Republic. The media is not free in the Central African Republic.The Central African Republic is divided in to 14 prefectures and with 2 economic prefectures. The prefectures are further divided in to 71 sub prefectures. The names of prefectures are Bamingui- Bangoran, Basse kotto,Haute Kotto, Haut Mbomou, Kemo, Lobaye, Mambere kadei,

Mbomou, Nana mambere, Ombella M’Poko, Ouaka, Ouhan, Ouhan Pende and Vakaga. The two econpmic prefectures are Sangha mbaere and Nana Grebizi. The name of commune is Bangui.The weather of the Central African Republic is very hot, the north area of the Central African Republic are hot, dry, and have a lot of dust. The north east is a desert site.The economy of Central African Republic is depend upon the farming and the sale of food crops which are peanuts, maize, sorghum, millet, sesame, plantain and cassava. The growth of GDP per year is 3%.The major export of Central Republic Africa is Diamond. Diamond contributes 40 to 55% to the export revenues.

The population of Central African Republic is almost 4,422,000. The majority of population is affected by the HIV AIDSThe Central African Republic has 80 ethnic groups and each ethnic group has its own language. The biggest racial group is the Baya which are of 33% of the population. The names of other racial groups are Banda, Mandjia, Sara, Mboum, M’Baka, Yakoma and Fula or Fulani.
The average life expectancy of female is 48.2 and the average male expectancy of life is 45.1. The Government is spending 10% on the health facilities.The dominant religion in the Central African Republic is Christianity. Christians are almost 80.3% of population.


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Outstanding News in Picture: 9 August 2011

All breaking news and outstanding events on 9 August 2011 in the world are excellently captured in the following impressive images.

8 August marks the third day of violence riot in London. The police have clashed with rioters in erupted Hackney while cars are set on fire in Peckham and Lewisham. The riot following two last worst of violence broke out after armed officers shoot a local 29-year-old man named as Mark Duggan Tottenham. 35 police were injured and over 200 people were arrested during the riot. The worst rioting in Britain for decades starts in London spreads to Bristol in the southwest, Birmingham in the Midlands and the northwest port of Liverpool.

A rioter is spotted in front of a burning car in North London

Eddie Ray Roberts, superintendent of the city’s waste and water department, is walking through the dried Lake E.V. Spence in Robert Lee, Texas which previously fed nearly 1.3 million gallons of water daily

In the picture are photos of Lake E.V. Spence which is situated in Robert Lee, Texas

People gather to play chess in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China

A young woman jumps into the street from a burning building in Surrey Street during terrible London riot

Yemeni anti-government protesters fight against the 33-year regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sana’a

An owl attacks a stray duck while it is wandering in the middle of its path. The owl aims to chase this poor duck back to pond

An image of Amy Winehouse was made of more than 5,000 multicoloured tablets by artist Jason Mecier. The San Francisco artist builds the 17 x 21 inch picture in honor to the singer

The picture shows off a car exploding on Mare Street in Hackney. According to photographer Miks Uzans, there were about 30 well-equipped rioters at that time


London riots turn mad: Video of massive fire in Croydon


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Mary Rose is currently a lecturer on society. In her free time, Mary is fond of joining social activities. Her goal is to provide up-to-date news and articles on society and culture

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5 Star Hotels in Oman

Oman is thoroughly enjoying the boom thanks to the thriving tourism industry in the country. It is a well-known fact that the Sultanate has something unique on offer for every traveler, no matter what his interests, budget, or nationality. Full of scenic magnificence and exclusive treasures that combine with the traditional lifestyle here, it leaves no visitor disappointed. With the government stepping in to do the needful in terms of infrastructure, connectivity, and promotion, Oman is set to floor the world with unlimited amenities, sites, and luxurious 5 star hotels. Thriving on the tourism sector, the Sultanate’s hoteliers witness strong profitability each year. The continuous rise in occupancy rates has nudged world-class chains to set-up shop here. Even though Oman has resorts and accommodation options to accommodate the budget tourists, it houses some amazing 5 star properties that are sure to bump up your vacation experience here. These properties are not just perfect for honeymoons, family vacations, romantic breaks, and special occasions; they are a well-liked choice for business travelers as well. With state of the art conference facilities and business centers, the hotels make a convenient base for meetings, socializing, and conferences. Listed below are a few of the best 5 star accommodations available in Oman right now.

Al Bustan Palace: Called a jewel of Oman, this Muscat hotel is one of the best hotels in the world. With a backdrop of dramatic mountains, and facing the serene sea, it offers comprehensive luxury and exclusive sporting facilities.
InterContinental: Situated in the heart of Muscat, it provides the traditional hospitality of Oman coupled with ultra modern amenities. Ideal for a business traveler, it is also a good choice for tourists who want to enjoy perks of the city without too much commute.
The Chedi Muscat:  Equipped with an amazing spa, and seaside dining, this hotel is located at the edge of the Gulf of Oman. Surrounded with fountains and gardens, it is a popular choice for honeymooners.

The Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, Al Nahda Resort & Spa, and the Grand Hyatt are also thought to be trendy, having a blend of sophistication and scenic beauty. Such lavish 5 star hotels in Oman are proof that the country is aware of the incoming leisure and business travelers, and is thus expanding and improving the tourism requisites by accommodating new hotels, and connectivity through airport links. The country is now all set to take on the world, by fast becoming a tourist hub as well as a popular business travel destination.

Oman’s leading Destination and Leisure Management Company. In our 35 years of service, we’ve acquired a reputation for providing an highly professional and personal service for a wide variety of clients from individuals and families, to specialist groups, cruises, incentive tours and conferences Oman’s leading Destination and Leisure Management Company. In our 35 years of service, we’ve acquired a reputation for providing an highly professional and personal service for a wide variety of clients from individuals and families, to specialist groups, cruises, incentive tours and conferences

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Africa Charity, Watercan, Encourages The Public To Join Their Efforts

You know what is occurring in other areas around the world. You are aware of the men, women, and children living their lives in poverty throughout Africa and how their access to clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education is limited or nonexistent. So why not do something about it? Maybe one person cannot change the world, but they can change the world for a family in desperate need.

WaterCan is a leading Canadian charity dedicated to fighting global poverty by helping the world’s poorest countries gain access to clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education. Since 1987, WaterCan has reached over one million children, women, and men in the poorest regions with their programs and has implemented Clean Water Projects for Africa to continue on this journey of eliminating global poverty. You can join their Africa Charity efforts in various ways such as making donating, attending events, fundraising, and more.

Making a Donation

WaterCan offers you different approaches to donating: Gifts of Water, Monthly Giving, Online Donations, Telephone or Mail Donations, Legacy or Planned Giving, Donations in Honour, and My WaterCan Fundraiser.

Gifts Of Water You can purchase a symbolic gift that works towards the fight against global poverty. A 5-step process makes it simple to give the gift of clean drinking water and basic sanitation:

1. Choose Your Symbolic Gift Search WaterCan’s interactive village to read about every gift at Giftsofwater.ca. Select a gift for friends or family members in celebration.

2. Personalized Card For every item purchased you receive the choice of an animated e-card to send notifying them that your gift was made in their honour.

3. Secure Checkout Upon checkout, your e-card is sent directly to the gift recipient and an official tax receipt is automatically sent to you electronically for income tax purposes.

4. Gift in Action – 100% of funds raised through symbolic gifts purchased at Giftsofwater go toward supporting specific WaterCan projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

5. Watch Gift transform Lives You are given the option of receiving updates on the status of the “Gifts of Water” project that you helped fund.

Monthly Giving – This process allows you to support WaterCan year-round through their pre-authorized plan. Simply decide on the amount you would like to give every month and fill out the form on the WaterCan website. You may increase, decrease, or stop payments at any time. An annual income tax receipt will be mailed to you by February each year.

Online, Telephone, Mail Donations Online giving through the online donation site is easy and safe with WaterCan. If you wish to make a donation by telephone, contact their office at [613] 230-5182 or toll-free at 1-800-370-5658. By mail, you can send a cheque or money order to WaterCan at 321 Chapel Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1N 7Z2.

Legacy or Planned Giving This is a commitment made today that can amount to a significant contribution over time. Planned giving is a flexible way to donate; gifts can be outright, providing funds for immediate use or planned now for a receipt in the future. The planned giving options available are:

Legacy Giving [Bequest]

Gifts of Publicly-Traded Securities [Capital Gains]

Life Insurance Gifts

Gifts of RRSPs or RRIFs

Donate in Honour – For special occasions, WaterCan provides two options to donate in one’s honour. You may choose to send an e-card for a donation of any amount, or request WaterCan to prepare a personal card advising the honouree or the person specified that a donation has been made in their name. This option is available for donations of $ 25 and above.

With so many options to support this Africa charity, it is time to step up and help make a change. For more information about WaterCan, visit Watercan.

WaterCan is a Canadian charity that recognizes the impact access to clean water in Africa has on the community, and is working to make this very important basic necessity available to all. For more information, please visit www.watercan.com.

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Outstanding News in Picture: 8 August 2011

All breaking news and outstanding events on August 8, 2011 in the world are excellently captured in the following impressive images.

Sixty-one-year-old US swimmer Diana Nyad has amazingly started her challenge of swimming between Havana, Cuba and Florida which is almost 103 miles in total in a period of three days. Diana Nyad begins the adventure with a team of 40 people who will assist her in the 60-hour journey. From Cuba to Florida, she will swim continuously without touching a boat or land. Each hour and a half she will stop for water an electrolyte drink and a banana with peanut butter. The swimmer expects to set record for the longest ocean swim at 163 kilometres.


US swimmer Diana Nyad

Divers check photos by Austrian Andreas Franke displayed along the Hoyt S. Vandenberg artificial reef at 90 feet deep in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

27-year-old Uighur Saimaiti Aishan, who also known as “Prince of the Tightrope”, performs the tightrope-walking acrobat between a 15-meter-long tightrope connected between two hot air balloons

Participants enjoy KaZantip festival in the Crimean village of Popovka. The festival has been held since 1991

Manchester United’s Portuguese midfielder Nani celebrates the winning score in match against Manchester City at Wembley Stadium in London as a part of FA Community Shield

Members of Ohio community spend time mourning shooting victims in a vigil at Copley Community Park in Copley Township, Ohio. A man killed eight people and later was shot by police

Pigeons are flying before typhoon Muifa hits the coastal area of Shanghai. The storm is heading into the Yellow Sea in Shandong province

Firemen hose the burning buildings during a riot in Tottenham, north London. Rioters threw petrol bombs onto police, buildings and a double-decker bus

A man is seen sitting in a police van during the riot in Brixton

Rescues from the Sea World and the Queensland Department of Parks and Wildlife help a humpback calf to go back into sea in Gold Coast, Australia


American sets of on record Cuba-to-Florida swim


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Mary Rose is currently a lecturer on society. In her free time, Mary is fond of joining social activities. Her goal is to provide up-to-date news and articles on society and culture

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To Purchase A New Car Audio

Car audio is probably one of the most important auto entertainments for you, so you may want to improve it. Don’t worry I will help you to have a good quality audio system by caring a little bit about the devices that you use. People at times wish to play noisy music and feel the energy, play consoling music to calm frayed nerves, or listen to news, updates or amusing programs to stay connected. Whatever the justification, the most prevalent car accessory nowadays is a car audio system. If you want a better sounding system in your car without enough budgets, you can install it yourself. You absolutely dont want any tragedy to happen to you.

In order to have this loud music in your car you should first of all ready to buy an essential instrument called subwoofer boxes. This will be available according to each type of car so you have to know which one will be suitable for your car model. Most of you will be interested in high volume while you are driving your car. It will make you alert and awake. If you here some mailed low volume music you will feel more sleepy and less energetic. Ask a salesperson to suggest stereos based on your prioritized feature list. If the choices bust your budget, eliminate features one by one until you find at least three stereos you can afford. Listen to each stereo, using your own music, and select the one that sounds best. A good stereo should have four channels so it can drive four speakers. Pick a stereo with a fader so you can adjust the relative volume of the front and rear speakers.

Think about the kind of music you like to listen to and what you like about it. You can browse the major makers’ websites and look for the kinds of features you think you want. Then, go to the stores and play around with your Internet favorites. Finally, buy the stereo online. You really can save $ 100 to $ 200 on the online shops. Remember to ask if the store you are purchasing the stereo from will install it and how much it will cost. Sometimes, if anyone other than a licensed installer puts your stereo in, the warranty is voided.

The quality of car audio
cannot be ignored. It will cost you a lot if you just want it to be a terrific device. You should think about the features you need. So many reputed brands are there now to provide you best quality stereo search about their features in net and select one for you. Durability and quality are the two important factors you have to consider in your selection process. Now you will be in a confusion that where to get the details about different types of subwoofers. As usual you will easily get it from internet. You will find a number of websites dedicated to these products and even purchase also can be done online. But be careful that you are paying the right amount and ensure the quality as well.

Source by http://forum.xtrons.co.uk/forum_posts.asp?TID=281&PID=741#741

Pls feel free to contact us http://www.xtrons.com

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ARY News Headlines 18 April 2015, Latest News Updates, Bulletin – 0000 – Saturday

Subscribe Now : http://goo.gl/G6BQwg, ARY News Headlines 18 April 2015, Latest News Updates, ARY News Headlines 18 April 2015 – Ary News Headlines Today Reports 18 April 2015- ARY News …
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Latest Bangla News Bangla Talk Show Ekusher Rat 05 May 2015 on Etv bangla news | bangla tv news | bangla news 05 may 2015 | bangla news 5 may 2015 | bangla news 06 may 2015 | bangla news …
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