Podcast Safe Music

Podcasting is the new thing in broadcasting nowadays. Practically anyone can create his own podcast and make himself known to the world. Perhaps the best thing about podcasting is that it is meant to be free. In addition to that, podcasts transcend the boundaries of traditional broadcasting. You may be from the US but anyone with access to the internet can listen to your podcast. A person may be in Timbuktu and yet have access to your podcast.

Music is inherent to the success of any podcast. It adds spice and flavor to an otherwise bland broadcast. That is why a large pool of resources has been developed by people in the podcasting community. Beginners and veterans a like search for the perfect background music or filler sounds for every podcast they make. So how do you go about looking for that spice?

Despite the freedom provided by podcasting, there are some issues you must address before jumping into the bandwagon and creating your own podcast. Copyright and intellectual property rights have been a main concern in all aspects of broadcasting for some time now and podcasting is not exempt from that. As a result, the term podsafe has come into existence. What exactly is podsafe? This term encompasses any material that may be used for podcasts without violating any copyright or license. A special thing about podsafe material is that the very same material might require some sort of license in other media but totally safe for podcasting. Due to the open community nature of podcasting, many songs, music, and other type of materials are allowed to be used for free exclusively for podcasts. While you might have to acquire the permission of the copyright holder for other broadcasting media, with podsafe material, you can use it freely in podcasts.

Some specific kinds of work are inherently podsafe. Works that fall under the public domain or some works with Creative Commons licenses can be used in podcasts without any issues. They are meant to be used, and used freely.

There are some entities on the web that license music especially for podcasts. Their podcast safe music is generally available to anyone for downloading and for use in free broadcasts over the internet. The only restriction they have is for the user to duly acknowledge the source. Anyone may also post music on their sites as long as the piece of work is totally original.

Some sites make their music available for no fee at all. On the other hand there are sites which promote artists â?? particularly independent ones â?? and charge a small fee for downloading their songs. Notably, these sites also offer labeled artists and are supposed to split the downloading fees with them.

The important thing to bear in mind when looking for podcast safe music is that most of the groups offering materials make them available to the general public for free. The caveat is that your podcast must not be used for commercial purposes. If that is the case, then you will have no problems finding the right track for your podcast.

Podcastblaster.com supplies a complete podcasting solution including podcast safe music and tips on creating podcasts.

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Cool Casablanca Hotels images

Check out these casablanca hotels images:

Casablanca Hotel
casablanca hotels
Image by etselecsg

casablanca hotels
Image by mararie
may 2012. art deco city walk in casablanca, morocco

2011-11 Brazil 043
casablanca hotels
Image by Edmund Nigel Gall
Accident opposite Hotel Casablanca

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???? LED TV – ?????

Check out these led tv images:

???? LED TV – ?????
led tv
Image by LGEPR

Blackbird, I of III
led tv
Image by Visual Artist Frank Bonilla
This series was created from an original photo I took of an graphic equalizer, or audio equipment. If you look closely, you can see the different numbers used for the equalizer settings. A little tweaking here, a little mirror there, crop here, and some bulge here and there!
The red comes from the LED lights on the equalizer. This was so much fun, I could do a lot of more of these!
Also, as suggested by Hobsonish, it is best viewed large, to get the full detail. You might as well turn off the lights in your room!

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Gorges du Dades

Some cool maroc images:

Gorges du Dades
Image by Antonio Cinotti ?
Our KTM 950 Adventure in the middle of the Gorges du Dades, an amazing canyon following the Dades River.

Il nostro KTM 950 Adventure nel mezzo alle Gole del Dades, un canyon incredibile che segue il corso del fiume Dades!

Coupole de hammam, Fès el Bali, Fès, Maroc.
Image by byb64 (en voyage jusqu’au 29)

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Let Music Convey: Background Music

Music is universal and music is impactful. It is very difficult to remain absolutely inert to the soothing and addictive effect of music. It is sometimes the words of the composition, sometimes the mood of the composition, or may be even sometimes exclusively the melody and rhythm that appeal to one. It therefore becomes not just a piece of composition but actually a means of venting and articulation, a release for both the composer and the listener. The background music in fact adds to an otherwise mundane occasion or happening. It kind of pulls up the value and impact of the respective occurrence of situation in whichever form or content it may be placed. The new bands that are emerging with the broadening of scopes also have a significant contribution to make pertaining to the same.

The background music in fact has no specifications as far as the area of usage is concerned. It can be utilized in all or any as per the requirement and the relevance. The music in the backdrop actually enhances the impact on the viewer or listener. It can bring about a remarkable change in the reaction of the audience in the same given framework. It has the catalyst effect that triggers the escalation of both pace and progress. The usage of this type of music can be used for any kind of occasion. All that one needs to keep in mind is that the appropriateness and relevance of the background music is taken care of.

The background music need not always refer to the instrumental music that is playing in the backdrop of some occasion. The performance of the new bands can also provide the perfect backdrop music to an occasion be it personal or professional. The business concerns have quite a number of parties. Either for the purpose of advertisement or product launching or even attracting prospective clients with lucrative opportunities any of them can call for a professional gathering. It is but obvious that the individual in charge of the arranging the entire occasion is under too much pressure to have the adequate time to go through all the different types of music and select the best of the lot.

Under such circumstances the new bands come in to the scenario. In case they give an impressive performance and the clients are pleased with the concern, both the concern and the band is benefitted. The concern gets the deal and the band gets the exposure and the platform to excel and establish. The background music plays an integral part as far as the success or failure of the party is concerned. It can be an ideal way to make the client feel pampered and spoilt. It makes them feel important and thereby in return drives the decision of the deal in favor of the concern.

However since the background music plays such an important role the selection of the right band among numerous new bands is very essential. After all it is the prudent and informative decision that pays off rich dividends for the rest if the life.

Daina Smith is a music lover. She has good knowledge on background music. For more information on new bands she recommends to visit http://www.musicdealers.com/.

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A few nice film images I found:

Image by hsuanwei

Paris. /film
Image by Magdalena O!
"À partir de cet instant, je n’avais plus un seul pas à faire, le sol marchait pour moi dans ce jardin où depuis si longtemps mes actes avaient cessé d’être accompagnés d’attention volontaire: l’Habitude venait de me prendre dans ses bras et me portait jusqu’à mon lit comme un petit enfant." – Proust

Image by Ana Gremard
Developing my 35mm film

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MLK Tribute

Check out these african songs images:

MLK Tribute
african songs
Image by jurvetson
Bono working the camera up close….

In the middle of Pride (In the Name of Love), Bono rolls into a characteristic political message mid-song:

“This dream is not just an American Dream.
It’s also an Irish dream.
A European dream. An African dream. An Israeli dream.
[multi-beat pause] Also a Palestinian dream.”

and then the Edge drops into his favorite guitar riff…

ST 24 47
african songs
Image by Jim Surkamp

This post corresponds to the portion of the video called Jasper Thompson’s Destiny Day that begins at 1:47:44 (hour-minutes-seconds)

The illustrated story:

Robert K. Beecham a white Wisconsin-born officer for the 23rd wrote they had recruited some “pretty hard cases” in Baltimore and Washington, but:

As a rule the men were sober, honest, patriotic and willing to learn and fulfill the duties of soldiers. . . The 2nd Wisconsin was not as sober and temperate as the 23rd U.S. Colored Troops, (in fact) there was never an organization of 1,000 men in all this broad, free America where a woman was held in greater esteem or her honor more sacred.” Beecham added the men “were not filthy, rather the opposite and “for that reason if for no other, I would prefer to command a company of regiment of black, rather than white soldiers.”

The 23rd resumed escorting the infinite train of wagons to the front and returning with wounded to the ships at Belle Plain, facing ambushes en route.

J. Rickard wrote:

There were not ambulances enough for the emergency, and the baggage wagons had to be used. The roads were very rough; it was a most pitiful situation, the shrieks and groans of the men, as the

wheels would strike stumps or sink suddenly into holes in the deep ruts which had been formed. It was necessary to have a strong guard all the way with the teams, to prevent surprise and capture of the trains.

Capt. James H. Rickard wrote of the 19th regiment on the volume of provisions needed:

I shall never forget a sight I beheld that morning. The cattle for the Ninth Corps were herded in a valley a mile or two in diameter, and they completely filled it, and at sunrise it was a magnificent sight as I beheld them from an eminence near by. . . .

Before crossing the James they were all eaten. This gives something of an idea what it took to supply provisions for such an army.

The first sight for central Virginians of black men in blue coats with muskets and bayonets drew violence,

consternation, fear or sublime joy for those enslaved. Their Redeemer had arrived.

Wrote Sergeant John C. Brock:

The slaves come flocking to us from every part of the country. You see them coming in every direction, some in carts, some on their master’s horses,

and great numbers on foot, carrying their bundles on their heads. They manifest their love for liberty by every possible emotion.
As several of them remarked to me, it seemed to them like heaven, so greatly did they realize the difference between slavery and freedom.

They were all sent to White House Landing in wagons. From hence they are to be taken to Washington in transports.

We have been instrumental in liberating some five hundred (152) of our brothers and sisters and brethren from the accursed yoke of human bondage

June, 1864 – Pvt. William Johnson of the 23rd confessed his guilt to the charges of desertion and rape and was executed within the outer breast works at Petersburg, on an elevation, and in plain view of the enemy, a white flag covering the ceremony. The site is near where the current visitor center sits.

Wrote blogger historian James Price:

June 15-18, 1864 – 23rd participates in the opening battles outside of Petersburg. Rebels under P.G.T. Beauregard hold on to the city, however, and a siege begins. The 23rd is engaged in building fortifications until late June.

In July, Gen. Burnside’s proposed mine attack against the Confederate lines along the Jerusalem Plank Road was underway.

“Towards the end of the digging, members of the 23rd United States Colored Troops were employed to carry dirt from the mine in sacks.

They also hauled timber to the gallery [of the mine] for framing its sides.”

On the Eve of the Battle of the Crater – July 29th, 1864:

Music notation of the song the African American troops sang to prepare for battle written down by Henry Gordon Thomas.

The black men in blue were in high spirits on the eve of the battle outside Petersburg. But when Gen. Thomas told them higher-ups took away their planned position as the leading attack division – the African-American division – of the four – they stopped singing that song.

Henry G. Thomas:
Until we fought the battle of the crater they sang this song (563) every night to the exclusion of all other songs. After that defeat they sang it no more.

About 3 AM, the morning of the battle we were up after a short sleep under arms. Then came the soldiers’ hasty breakfast. ” This morning our breakfast was much like that on other mornings when we could not make fires: two pieces of hard-tack with a slice of raw, fat salt pork between, not a dainty meal, but solid provender to fight on. And black coffee.


When all preparations were made, we lay down for a little sleep, and were awakened

shortly after daylight by the explosion and the terrible discharge of cannon, that made the ground tremble as by an earthquake.

At 4:45 came a dull, heavy thud, not at all startling;

it was a heavy, smothered sound, (but) here was a mine blown up, making a crater from 150 to 200 feet long, 60 feet wide, and 30 feet deep,


The First Division only went as far as the crater and stopped, and it was nearly an hour before the colored troops were ordered in, having been standing crowded in the covered ways leading up to the breastworks.

Montage: Federal divisions jammed around the Crater, face fire from both sides in the breastworks, and artillery to the right and front, and seek safety in the crater.

The First Division of white soldiers advanced with little opposition but jammed in the narrow, six foot passageway beside the crater, unable to advance. The 2nd Division, now under fire became stuck similarly and were being fired upon from along the breastworks and artillery in front,

driving them for the safety inside the crater. The same occurred with the 3rd Division of white soldiers. Their orders did not anticipate the jam in the passageways and close range gunfire

and their commander Gen. Ledlie who commanded the lead division was not there.

The Charge of the USCT 23rd to the Crater

Hurd remembered that “it seemed [to take] forever [to move forward]. The whole [division]…filed through a single parallel…

we were hindered by officers and orderlies coming to the rear, the parallel being only six feet wide.” – Diary of Warren H. Hurd, 30 July 1864, Private Collection


The crater was already too full; that I could easily see. . . My brigade moved gallantly on right over the bomb-proofs and over the men of the First Division & as we mounted the pits, a deadly enfilade from eight guns on our right and a murderous cross-fire of musketry met us. Among the officers, the first to fall was the gallant Fessenden of the 23d Regiment

Zelotis Fessenden

John Hackhiser

William Flint

H.H. Aiken

Theodore Rockwood

. . . Liscomb of the 23d then fell to rise no more; and then Hackhiser of the 28th and Flint and Aiken of the 29th. Major Rockwood of the 19th then mounted the crest and fell back dead, with a cheer on his lips.

Nor were these all; for at that time hundreds of heroes “carved in ebony” fell. These black men commanded the admiration and respect of everyone who beheld. (564)

About eight hundred feet from the crater, having been reached, we leaped from the works and endeavored to make a rush for the crest. . . .

Lieutenant Christopher Pennell, hastened down the line outside the pits. With his sword uplifted in his right hand and the banner in his left, he sought to call out the men along the whole line of the parapet. In a moment, a musketry fire was focused upon him, whirling him round and round several times before he fell. . . (and he

probably sleeps among the unknown whom we buried (unrecognized) in the long deep trench we dug.)

ize-medium wp-image-17393? />After being driven back into the crater, Thomas reorganized his men and followed orders to charge and capture the Confederates at the crest.

I then directed the commanders of the 23d, 28th, and 20th regiments to get their commands . . . together. As I gave the order, Lieutenant-Colonel John A. Bross, taking the flag into his own hands, was the first man to leap from the works into the valley of death below. He had attired himself in full uniform, evidently with the intent of inspiring his men.

John A. Bross 1826-1864

Memorial of Colonel John A. Bross, Twenty-Ninth U.S. Colored Troops, Who Fell in Leading the Assault on Petersburgh, July 30, 1864.
content.wisconsinhistory.org 20 October 2003 Web. 10 February 2017.

He had hardly reached the ground outside the works before he fell to rise no more. He was conspicuous and magnificent in his gallantry. The black men followed into the jaws of death, and advanced until met by a charge in force from the Confederate lines. (566)

The 23rd charged forward but could not get past the crater itself.

Lt. Beecham remembered of the crater:

Pvt. George Washington – Henry Kurtz Collection – USAMHI.

“The black men formed up promptly. There was no flinching on their part. They came to the shoulder like true soldiers, as ready to face the enemy and meet death on the field as the bravest and best soldiers that ever lived.”

John Elder’s famous painting of the 12th Virginia

Beecham and the rest of the 23rd held a portion of the crater until around 2 p.m. when the Confederates counterattacked and swept over them, killing many men who were attempting to surrender.

The 23rd sustained the heaviest losses of the entire Fourth Division.

Of this last scene in the battle the Confederate General Bushrod R. Johnson says in his official report:

I proceeded to concert a combined movement on both flanks of the crater.
A third charge a little before 2 PM gave us entire possession of the crater and adjacent lines.

These movements were all conducted by General Mahone, while I took the 22d and 23d South Carolina into the crater and captured three colors and 130 prisoners.


One little band, after my second charge was repulsed, defended the entrenchments we had won from the enemy, exhibiting fighting qualities that I never saw surpassed in the war. This handful stood there without the slightest organization of company or regiment, each man for himself, until the enemy’s banners waved in their very faces. Then they made a dash for our own lines, and that at my order.

B&L 2 p. 675 two image charging line and firing line

It was now too late, as their second line of works was full of men, brought up from each flank, and our men were not only exposed to the terrible musketry fire in front, but to an enfilading fire of shell, grape and canister that no troops could withstand, and the charge was made through a line of white troops going to the rear. The slaughter was terrible….

Gen. H. G. Thomas, who commanded a brigade of colored troops at Petersburg says:
“I lost in all thirty-six officers and eight hundred seventy-seven men; total, nine hundred and thirteen. The Twenty-third Regiment entered at the charge with eighteen officers, it came out with seven. The Twenty-eighth entered with eleven officers, it came out with four. The Thirty-first had but two officers for duty that night.
Had the colored troops led the assault, their subsequent attack proved they would have led the way clear through the enemy’s entire line, on to Cemetery Hill, and the other troops would have followed, and the awful slaughter by an enfilading fire at the crater been prevented.

Hereafter let no man say that black troops, led by graduates of Harvard and Yale, and the sons of the first families of the North, will not fight.

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Lastest Casablanca News

Image by xiquinhosilva

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Christian Audio books

Christian mp3 audiobooks present religious education and enlightenment in a practical, digital format. The stress and time constraints of modern lifestyles frequently get in the way of spiritual studies. For those who do not wish to give up their spiritual pursuits, Christian audiobooks make a effortless and portable alternative to heavy tomes. What is really a Christian Audio tracks Guide? An audio tracks guide is an audio tracks file of a narrator reading a specific ebook. These files could be located on compact disks, cassette tapes, and in downloadable format from the internet. They can be played at residence on a stereo system, in your car, or on the go with an audio player. Christian audiobooks are those that pertain to the practice of the Christian religion. The old and new testaments of the Christian Bible can be observed in audio tracks e-book format. Different narrators read different textbooks and versions of the Bible. There are also Christian audio tracks e book Bibles with commentary included. You can find also Christian audio books from well-liked spiritual preachers and lecturers. Some well-known authors involve Billy Graham and Joe Osteen. Some are simply narrated text although others include inspirational music and prayers too. Other popular types of Christian mp3 audio books are Bibles and religious storybooks for kids. For beginning readers, unable to comprehend extra traditional religious texts, Christian mp3 audio books produce a fun and inspiring entertainment. Why Choose a Christian Mp3 Book? The Bible and spiritual teachers guide people today striving to lead their lifestyle based on Christian principles. They are taught to pray often and keep their faith in mind throughout the day. Christian audio books aid hold these teachings close during busy times of existence. Christian mp3 audiobooks are also recommended in locations where openly reading a Bible or other religious ebook would be frowned upon, such as within the workplace. Making use of a transportable mp3 player with headphones allows for private Bible study or prayer. Christian mp3 audio books permit individuals to stay focused on spiritual teachings through their everyday lives. Christian Music Ebook Possibilities You will find multiple options when selecting Christian mp3 audio books to appreciate. Some churches may well offer practitioners with various digital Bibles to borrow and delight in. Most Christian audiobooks are purchased on compact disc or through digital downloads on the web. Older guides on tape may also be identified. Christian audio books on CD are handy for the house as well as the car. Audio guide downloads are ideal for cd players and Apple iPods. They can also be burned to a compact disc for a much more permanent back up copy. A much more economical method to get access to the maximum number of Christian audiobooks is to join an mp3 e book club. The subscription-based services carry a wide assortment of downloads, including Christian mp3 audio books. For busy people who wish to hold religion in their every single day life, Christian audio books are the answer. Readily available in a broad selection of Bible versions, commentary, inspirational, and prayers, Christian mp3 audio books are designed to provide a convenient and economic approach to continue spiritual learning. Talking Ebook Store can be a quick growing mp3 book web site offering both free and paid audio books. Their ever-growing catalogue contains over 8,000 titles.

For more information about discount audio books, please visit Cheap audio books

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Mosqué Hassan II, Casablanca, Maroc

Check out these casablanca images:

Mosqué Hassan II, Casablanca, Maroc
Image by Gilles Messian

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