Nov 17 2014

2 Hours Worship & Praise

1. Revelation Song Phillips, Craig and Dean 2. Holy is the Lord Chris Tomlin 3. You are my King Newboys 4. Your Love never Fails Chris Quilala Jesus Culture …
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Nov 17 2014

Chaos In Brazil: On The Ground At The World Cup (Dispatch 1)

Subscribe to VICE News here: In our first dispatch from the 2014 World Cup, VICE News headed to the initial match of the…
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Nov 17 2014

Samsung H6400 LED TV Review

Samsung H6400 LED TV Review

Hands on review of the Samsung H6400 LED TV. Full review: Model tested: Samsung UN55H6400 Should also …
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Nov 16 2014

Learning Easy Guitar Songs

Once you have the chords and basic notes down on your acoustic guitar, the next step most beginners try is to find easy guitar songs to play and practice on. These easy guitar songs for beginners usually involve some basic notes and chords that you would have just learned and a tempo that is not too fast to keep up with, creating a good practice song for you to start helping you put notes and cords together into melodies.

A Horse with No Name

A Horse with No Name is performed by America, and it is a very popular song for beginners to use when looking for easy guitar songs to learn to play. One of the best things about A Horse with No Name is that, for beginners, there isn’t much moving around on the neck of the guitar. This is because the four simple chords used in this song, D6/9, Dmaj9, Em9 and Em, are played on only one fret, making it extremely easy for beginners to get the hang of.

Feeling Alright

Another of the great easy guitar songs for beginners is Feeling Alright by Dave Mason. Also very simple for those who are just learning to get songs together on the guitar, this song uses two chords, including C7 and F7 and only two frets. This song is on the very beginner side of this skill level because it is so very simple, even simpler than A Horse with No Name.

Wild Thing

Wild Thing has been performed by dozens of people, but the one that is among the easy guitar songs for beginners is the one that is performed by the Troggs. This song incorporates four simple chords along with a “stop” chord to create this simple melody. This is also simple as far as easy guitar songs go because the A chord uses only one finger, D chord uses two, E uses one again and the G chord is the thumb. The “stop chord” does not mean there will be any strumming, just muting the strings with your fingers.


Johnny Cash performs Hurt, one of his more beautiful and later songs in his lifetime, which is also extremely popular among beginner guitar players. Among easy guitar songs for beginners, Hurt uses five chords with simple patterns, but it is also considered to be closer to an intermediate level rather than a beginner one. The chords are Am, C, D, F and G put together with different frets to make the melody. Online acoustic guitar lessons take special time to teach this one to beginners, but once a few of the aforementioned songs have been learned it can be accomplished by higher level beginners of all kinds.

Looking for easy guitar songs? Visit our site for a list of easy guitar songs for beginners.

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Nov 16 2014

Latest News Bomb Blast Wagah Border Lahore 2nd November 2014 DG Rangers Media Talk 2-11-2014

Latest News Bomb Blast Wagah Border Lahore 2nd November 2014 DG Rangers Media Talk 2-11-2014 Latest News Updates 2 November News Stories Urdu November 2, 201…
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Bollywood Stars And Their Kids - Latest Bollywood News

Bollywood Stars And Their Kids – Latest Bollywood News. When we talk so much about our Bollywood stars, how can their kids get sidelined? Let’s have a look a…
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Nov 16 2014

2M TV – Pub Inwi sa3a sa3ida – Attention !
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Nov 16 2014

Modern Art Museum, Showcase of Contemporary Arab art

Kuwait’s Modern Art Museum is one of the few museums in the region which showcases contemporary Arab and international art. Located in an imposing building which was formerly an educational institution and having the distinction of being one of the oldest in Kuwait, the museum’s exterior is as impressive as the diverse collection of art it houses.

The museum is managed by the National Committee of Culture, Arts and Literature which assumed control of the present building after the Gulf War in which it was seriously damaged. The Committee transformed the site into a suitable venue for this highly prominent institution.

A customary wooden doorway greets visitors who enter the museum and leads into an open air lobby which is known as ‘hoash’, a typical feature of buildings in the area. The first artworks that you will see will be those featured in the temporary exhibition hall where modern artists are featured, displaying their latest creations.

Walk further and you will encounter another expansive lobby, this one with a transparent roof overhead. Here you will find a variety of sculptures created over the last few decades. This area is encircled by numerous former classrooms which have been converted into themed art galleries.

This lobby and the former classrooms are used solely to portray the works of Kuwaiti artists including sculpture and paintings from such well-known names as Khazal Al Gaffaz, Essa Sagr, Thuraya Al Baqsami and Sami Mohammed. These artists are recognized as being in the vanguard of the contemporary art movement in the Gulf region.

On the first floor the visitor will find Arab as well as international art from many recognized artists including works from Lebanon’s Paul Guiragossian, Abdul Qader Al Rais from the UAE, Bahrain’s Jamal Abdul Rahim and Nazir Nabaa from Syria. These artists provide fresh perspectives on issues that relate to the Arab world.

A visit to the museum will be a delight for anyone interested in contemporary Middle Eastern and international art. Knowledgeable English-speaking tour guides are available if the visitor requires any clarification.

For the discerning traveller selecting amongst Kuwait hotels, there is no better choice than the Al-Jahra Copthorne Hotel & Resort. This convenient and well furnished accommodation has gained a reputation as one of the most pleasing hotels in Kuwait.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

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Nov 16 2014

British Somalis going back for a future – Channel 4 News

Parents of some British Somalis are sending their children back to Africa because they fear what might happen to them in the UK, writes reporter Jamal Osman.
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Subscribe to Channel 4 News: Six months after 200 girls were kidnapped in Nigeria, Australian hostage negotiator Stephen Davis tells Ch…

Nov 16 2014

Parental Controlled Television

Watching television is more than just channel surfing. The TV offers an assortment of shows which can be very advantageous to watch by both children and grown-ups alike. There are many channels to choose from such as the news, cartoons, lifestyle, movies and even music, the options are just endless! Others may think that the televisions do not provide anything good, but the truth of the matter is that they have so many educational benefits that aren’t found even in books.

Cable television is known for having many extra channels and an education program is one of them. Although the idea isn’t new, but they just keep on getting better every day. For instance, during the early 80’s, these educational programs relied entirely on posters, inanimate objects and a narrator, which was very boring and unsightly to watch. Nowadays, we have numerous channels that cater to all aspects of science in full color and live action. Even Sesame Street has evolved as well, which makes it better as it already is.

Because of such improvements in the television programming industry, parents have discovered and believed that watching TV is highly recommendable for children. From Discovery Kids to National Geographic, Animal Planet and History channel, there is always something for your child to learn from and you don’t have to worry about other programs as modern technology has already made a way for parents to control and monitor what their child views on television. If you have a home theatre at home, you can have the home automation company such as The Solent Electronic Home set up a parental controlled customized TV program just for children so you don’t have to worry about them scanning through the wrong channels. Aside from multi-room AV functions, they also service to automated lighting control as well as security control.

On the parent’s side, teach your children proper discipline with regards to watching television so they don’t get too attached to it. Set schedules as to when they can watch and for how many hours; for most households, children can only watch for 2 hours after doing their homework and on weekends too so they can still go outdoors and play with other children.

The television can bring many great things for the entire family such as education, entertainment, information and news; just make sure that it is restricted and shared for everyone to use.

The Solent Electronic Home helps you to make your home fit your lifestyle – not the other way around. We have experience in planning, designing and installing a wide selection of Home Automation System. By utilising the latest sound, video, lighting and security systems,your home can respond to your needs – automatically.

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Nov 15 2014

Mystifying Journey In African Safaris

South Africa is easily the most popular location in Africa regarding African Safaris. And Kenya safaris are world famous. The particular Masai Marareserve inside South africa is how all of the creatures move into throughout the excellent migration. These people shift right now there to be able to elegance every year with regards to the rain fall. It is best to remember to look into the State Department advisories just before planning your Kenya safarior you Masai Mara safari due to the politics unrest. Tanzania is another well known safari area. The Serengeti Countrywide playground is the greatest playground to go for a great African safari, you can see herds regarding pets and it’s also the good thing of African Safaris. The African continent is a country with enormous safari opportunities. Get the passport prepared; get your visas and also vaccinations because you will probably be inside the wild. Get a immunizations and get looking for the most daring getaway of the life time. Decide on just how much you are ready to invest for the getaway, if you’re ready to save money you will get more luxuries of course, if not you’ll still do not need to be concerned it’ll be a truly daring trip you will never forget.

Planning to begin your own excellent migration? If you’re about to carry on a good African safari, you need to think about the excellent migration prior to choosing everything to perform together with safaris. The particular movements associated with wildebeests and also herbivorous animal looking for environmentally friendly grass in order to grace is called the truly amazing migration. Such as wild birds progress in one region to another depending on animals shift because of the seasonal rains the turf dries upward during some weeks because of the insufficient rainfalls as well as extreme weather problems. The great migration commences coming from Dec the particular creatures just like giraffe, wildebeests along with other herbivorous creatures move from other house place, the particular terrain in between River Nduni as well as Ngorongoro traditional region.

When you’re an exciting particular person and craving for a lot more adventure you then should strategy an African safari trip at least one time that you experienced moment. Inside the Thirteenth hundred years, prosperous folks used to head to hunt in the flatlands of Photography equipment to be able to earn outrageous sport awards to hand on the partitions at home. Nowadays, the particular plain regarding Africa retains predators however, not for wild game awards however they look for photo opportunities. There are different types of African Safaris. A good African safari is really a expensive type of vacation. You are able to plan your personal African safari to suit your price range. The length of your remain will certainly modify the expense of your trip. If you feel you can save funds by reducing your vacation brief, you’re wrong. The actual more time you remain the actual a smaller amount you’ll have to pay for your remain per night time.

Therefore if you’re a professional photographer or a traveler interested in the great migration and want to observe how the particular creatures shift you will need to commence your great migration along with the creatures regarding The african continent. To start your own excellent migration you can start in the to the south Serengeti, the home of these herds. Throughout the months of 12 , in order to May the actual wildebeests are located spread all over the place gracing upon environmentally friendly lawn. The actual sight will probably be inhale taking; you can see millions and millions associated with wildebeests along with other herbivorous animals simultaneously.

Planning an African Safaris are not as direct as any other safaris. One who hope for Kenya holiday they have to think of the arrangements that are offered by the trip guides. The Great Migration is one of the occasional matters that you could picture in Masai Mara Safari.